OrganoWood – How it’s Transforming the Decking World

If you are looking into timber for construction, you probably already know that it is a sustainable option. In fact that may have been why you chose it in the first place! But within the world of timber, there is a lot of variety and some choices aren’t as eco-friendly as others. If you want to go green, make sure you find timber that is sourced and manufactured with the planet in mind. One such choice is OrganoWood, and we have got everything you need to know about it right here.

What is OrganoWood?

OrganoWood is a unique way of treating abundant timber into a durable material that is resistant to both fire and fungal attacks. But rather than being coated in chemicals, the treatments that make OrganoWood so tough are eco-conscious. They are non-toxic and can be returned to nature without harm, keeping the water, soil and people of the Earth safer when compared with the usual chemically impregnated timber you find in most stockists.

In fact, unlike other treated timber which must be classed as environmentally hazardous waste at the end of its life, OrganoWood can be recycled as though it were completely untreated! In terms of the environment, it is just normal timber. But for your decking, it is so much more. 

The Benefits of OrganoWood

Through the OrganoWood modification process, abundant pine timber is made more suitable for a wide variety of uses. These include external uses, such as decking and cladding. It is less likely to be attacked by wood-boring insects, e.g. termites, making it longer lasting. It is also fire-resistant for safer structures, and repels water which drastically reduces the chance of timber rot. 

OrganoWood is incredibly easy to maintain, which is ideal if you don’t want your decking to cause you any hassle. It is easier to clean, doesn’t need oiling and you don’t have to worry about protecting it from the elements.

How Does OrganoWood Work?

OrganoWood timber doesn’t rely on the impregnation of toxic substances to make the wood more durable. Instead an innovative process is used which mimics fossilisation. During this process, silicon substances are attached to the fibres of the timber under very high pressure. The liquid penetrates into the outer layer of the wood, creating a layer that repels dirt and water, prevents fungi from growing and keeps insects at bay. 

Natural Coloured Timber

Once the process has been completed, a huge perk of OrganoWood is that the natural colour of the wood remains. If you prefer a more natural timber, this is the treatment for you! Over time, gentle and natural weathering will turn your pine into a beautiful silver-grey hue, creating an aesthetic which many people enjoy.

Find OrganoWood With EcoChoice

OrganoWood is already being used in the UK. A PassivHaus project in Manchester, for example, is taking advantage of this sustainable solution to keep their buildings eco-friendly. If you would like to sample this eco-conscious timber for yourself, get in touch with our team at EcoChoice today and we will be more than happy to help!

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