Marine Timber Decking

Ecochoice have a strong presence in the marine construction industry, where products need to perform under exceptional circumstances.

Our durable marine hardwood decking can be found at

  • Hastings Pier
  • Southend Pier
  • Tilbury Docks - passenger terminal

- and many other sea, river and canal works

The typical species we supply for marine works is FSC certified Ekki, as well as Opepe (Badi). Basralocus has recently started to make a comeback too.

Section sizes for marine decking start from 35x145 and have gone all the way to 115x300mm.

Deck boards can be smooth, grooved and even treated with anti-slip strips. To save time on site, we can also ship they pre-assembled as large panels (decking + joists).

Alternatively, we can deliver the joists as sawn regularised sections to ensure the long-term durability of your project.

Please call us on 03456381340 to discuss your civil or marine project.

Tilbury heavy Ekki decking