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In a world which is increasingly concerned with sustainability, recycled timber is becoming one of the most in-demand building materials available. When looking at how we can create greener buildings and spaces, choosing sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood and making a positive difference to the world around us is an obvious answer! For designers, engineers, homeowners and construction workers, recycled (or reclaimed) timber offers a whole range of eco-conscious benefits. Learn everything you need in this guide from our sustainable timber specialists at EcoChoice.

What is Recycled Timber?

Recycled timber is wood which has previously been used either in furniture, buildings or other applications such as piers and bridges and has been salvaged to use again. Sometimes the timber is immediately ready for use depending on the intended purpose but in other cases, it will be processed to ensure suitability.

Decks or floorboards which are taken from an old house can be transferred to a new project, for example. The boards are re-cut, sanded down, planed, or polished so that they look fresh before being laid in the new home, though some people prefer to leave them looking as rustic as possible. Offcuts and parts of old timber boards which are repurposed would also fall under the umbrella of recycled timber.

You might also hear about salvaged or reclaimed timber, which are simply other terms for recycled timber. If old wood is being repurposed for a new application, it is all the same thing!

What Are the Characteristics of Recycled Timber?

For the most part, recycled timber has the same characteristics as fresh-cut timber. It is strong, durable and sustainable with a beautiful aesthetic which ensures that it appeals to many. Where recycled timber can differ, though, is in its aged appearance.

As mentioned above, reclaimed wood can be processed to look new (or almost new) again, but it can also be left with the charm of the life it has already had. Nail holes, weathering and scratches all tell the story of the lives which have been lived around the timber, and add plenty of character to any project. For many interior designers and architects, the imperfections of recycled timber are what make it perfect.

Environmental Benefits of Reclaimed Timber

The primary environmental benefit of recycled timber is not only substituting the use of new materials, but also its ultimate contribution to forest conservation. By repurposing existing wood, we decrease the demand for fresh tree cutting and help protect vital forest ecosystems. If you are not keen on reclaimed timber but still want to do your bit to help our world’s woodlands, look into FSC-certified timber at EcoChoice.

Another benefit of recycled timber is that as long as the wood remains in use, it is an effective carbon store. Throw old wood away and leave it to rot, and that CO₂ is released back into the atmosphere, but protect it for years to come and you will be doing the planet a favour.

Recycled Timber Uses

Recycled timber can be used for almost anything which fresh-cut wood can! Decking, cladding and even beams or posts in building construction can all be effectively crafted from salvaged timber. It is also a popular choice in marine and civil construction projects, helping country-wide projects go green.

Choose Recycled Timber at EcoChoice

To learn more about recycled timber or find out if we can supply your preferred species in a reclaimed form, get in touch with us today. Or learn more about our reclaimed Greenheart timber, a tough, long-lasting species which is suitable for a wide variety of projects. When it comes to the planet, choosing reclaimed and recycled is an easy way to do your bit.

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