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When renovating your home, the success of your project lies both in the materials and the labour. From matching your aesthetic to suiting the functionality of the property, they can make or break your plans! So, before choosing your materials, it pays to do your research.

If you are considering timber for your property renovation, find out everything you need to know in this guide.

Why Is Timber a Smart Choice For Renovations?

Utilising timber for your home renovations is a smart choice for a number of reasons.

The first, of course, is that timber is an eco-conscious building material. Timber is renewable, biodegradable and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, adding plenty of green points to your renovation works. It is also a material which is super easy to salvage, reducing demand for raw timber and adding character to your space.

It is also a material choice which can be catered to your budget. With different species coming with different price tags, you can find a timber which works with your finances while still bringing an upmarket, chic look to the property.

Timber is versatile, and can be used for a wide range of purposes. From exterior or interior cladding to upcycled furniture, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home while bringing plenty of function to the space.

It is lightweight, easy to work with and incredibly durable – what’s not to love?

Matching Your Timber Species to Your Aesthetic

Because timber is such a versatile renovation material, you need to find the right choice for your aesthetic. Whether you are going for a clean, contemporary look or a quirky vibe full of character, we have a timber species tol suit your look.

Here is what to consider when finding your renovation-ready timber.

What is Your Style?

It is a good idea to know your style before choosing timber. Are you designing a modern interior or is the vibe more rustic? Will the space be traditional, eclectic, warm or chic? Understanding the look you desire will make it a lot easier to choose a timber to complement the space. Ecochoice can advise you on the options available in terms of timber species such as knotty Spruce or clear Radiata.

Light and Dark Tones

You can, of course, always stain or paint your timber, but if you want the natural look of the wood to shine through, it is important you nail the colour choice. Timber comes in a wide spectrum of colours, including deep reds and rich browns, all the way up to light, airy pinks. The colour of your timber will drastically alter the look of your interiors.

For example, Oak and Pine are typically light in colour, making them more suitable for contemporary aesthetics. Cumaru, on the other hand, is a much darker, redder wood which is well-suited to a cosy interior, exuding richness and elegance in a space.

Texture and Grain

Pay close attention to the texture and grain of different timber species. Some species have a more pronounced grain which adds character to the timber and is ideal for wood where you want to make a statement. The grain can even emphasise a weathered look, bringing a distressed, rustic vibe to the renovation. Smoother grains are sleeker and more minimal, for a modern design which will provide a blank canvas to build on.

Other Considerations

Aside from aesthetics, it is also crucial you consider durability when choosing a timber species. If you intend to use the wood for a high-traffic area in your renovation, such as a floor or kitchen worktop, you need a tougher species which can withstand wear and tear. Oak, Chestnut and Iroko will all work well for these applications.

Also consider the environmental impact of your timber. If you are choosing new, raw timber, make sure you opt for FSC or PEFC-certified products which are sourced from responsibly managed forests, helping you build beautiful spaces more ethically.

Find Sustainable Timber at EcoChoice

If you are looking to incorporate timber into your renovations, we can help. At EcoChoice, we supply timber from independently certified woodlands to eco-conscious projects around the UK. Take a look at our wide range of timber products and get inspired.

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