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In the world of timber, Cumaru is a certified heavyweight. Strong and robust, this species means business, making it ideal for building both private and public decking. If you are thinking about opting for Cumaru for your decking project, we have put together everything you need to know.

Before diving in, we just wanted to mention that if you have any questions about our sustainably sourced Cumaru or would like to start an order, feel free to get in touch with our team.

What Do Cumaru Decking Boards Look Like?

Also known as Brazilian Teak, Cumaru timber originates from the jungles of South America, making it a tropical hardwood. It is well-known for its beautiful colouring, with a spectrum of bright tones ranging from golden browns to deep reds, and brings a vibrant warmth to any outdoor decking. A fine grain and natural lustre bring plenty of character to the wood, making this a popular species choice for its appearance alone.

Strength and Durability

As one of the most durable, tough woods on the market, this is a timber which is perfectly suited to external applications, including timber decking. It has a natural resistance to rot, fungal infestations and insect attacks and is incredibly hard-wearing, meaning that it will not dent or splinter easily. From heavy traffic to high rainfall, Cumaru takes it all with ease and comes out the other side looking as though it has not been touched. This is thanks to the high density of the wood, with a tough structure which gives it a natural hardiness and great load-bearing capability

Alongside decking, Cumaru is a popular choice for applications such as bridge construction and outdoor furniture.

Low Maintenance

Because it is so durable, Cumaru also comes with the perk of being very low-maintenance. Unlike other timbers which cannot withstand external threats quite as well and so need additional products to toughen them, Cumaru is ready for installation without any staining or oiling. It will last for years, without so much as a lick of paint. However, as with any timber species, we do recommend periodic cleaning and checks to ensure longevity.


At EcoChoice, all  our timber is responsibly sourced from forests which comply with strict environmental regulations. Here, Cumaru timber is never over-harvested and with the land always left to  replenish naturally after felling, helping protect our world’s forests from harmful deforestation practices. Surrounding wildlife is conserved, local communities are respected and all workers are paid fairly, in line with the rules set out by the FSC.

Order Cumaru Decking Boards

Here at EcoChoice, we give sustainable Cumaru timber our stamp of approval for external decking. Whether for a public space with heavy footfall or a private garden with a lot of furnishings, you can rely on Cumaru for decking which is as strong as it is beautiful.

To learn more about our favourite sustainable timber species for decking or to start an order of Cumaru decking boards, get in touch with our team. When it comes to your timber, we are always happy to help.



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