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The benefits of using Oak

With so many wood species to choose from, selecting the right timber type isn’t easy. Below we share the benefits of using Oak as well as reveal why all Oak is not created equal.

The benefits of thermally modified wood

Thermowood, also known as thermally modified wood, is growing in popularity throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Here, we deliver the ultimate guide to Thermowood, so you can discover what all the fuss is about.

Different types of timber cladding profiles

Timber cladding is a natural, lightweight yet durable material which ensures a beautiful finish. In this blog post, we showcase the timber cladding profiles most commonly used so that you can find the right profile for your project.

Durability vs Use Class of Timber

It is vital that the timber you choose is suitable for the project’s location, weather and environment. In order to ensure the correct timber is selected, both durability and use class play an important part in the decision process. Here, we discuss in further detail what this means.

How to check if an unlabelled product is FSC certified?

What do you do if a product does not have the FSC® logo on it? Is it still FSC® certified or is it from a non-certified or perhaps even illegal source? The product may in fact still be certified by the FSC, but there are a few steps you can take to ensure it is as outlined in this blog.

Sapwood vs Heartwood

Trees are comprised of both sapwood and heartwood. You may have heard of these terms, but here we discuss in further detail what exactly they are, what the difference between the two are, how you can identify each type and how their varying properties affect how you work with the wood.

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