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In a world of standardised homes and properties, there is a product that can ensure your building stands out for the right reasons. 

With Abodo eco-timber cladding, you can choose from a variety of stunning all-natural wood cladding alternatives. As partners of Abodo, we can help you select a range of premium timber cladding profiles and building products, such as vertical shiplap, rustic, or classic bevelled boards. All produced from sustainably-sourced timber.

A firm favourite when it comes to cladding, Vulcan VG Cladding includes a vertical grain for superior stability and also enhanced weathering features. 

For those looking for a high-quality finish, but who are also looking for value for money and are mindful of environmental impact, Vulcan is a smart choice. Our popular Vulcan Cladding range will make the most of your project budget, but is definitely not a compromise.

You can choose from horizontal or vertical cladding profiles – with either, you are sure to get the appearance you desire, while benefiting from the beauty of a range of natural wood surfaces.

Vulcan VG Decking is available as:


Dubbed as the next generation in all-natural outdoor decking, with Abodo Decking boards you can select from a range of stunning timber outdoor decking products. 

All created from sustainable, qualified wood products. These can help you produce a warm, all-natural exterior area.


Thanks to Abodo Screening you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of timber on the exterior and interior of your home. From louvres to brise soleil and building fins to rain screens, it has lots of uses making it a versatile way to separate spaces

Walls & Ceilings

Abodo Panelling brings the warming properties of wood to your ceilings and walls. The beauty of all-natural timber is perfectly paired with tougher materials. Available in wider profiles up to 180mm.

Vulcan Panelling

Created from thermally modified wood, Abodo's Vulcan Panelling is light-weight and secure with superb thermal qualities.

Modern, clean lines come as standard and all products are bursting with benefits.

Natural Durability

Vulcan cladding is naturally durable, Durability Class 1 (EN 350-1), so as durable as Canadian Wester Red Cedar.

Natural Stability

By being thermally modified, the timber has a much lower moisture content which means the cladding has great stability – even in harsh conditions. As such, you’re unlikely to have boards warping and twisting as with natural fresh sawn timber.

Vertical or Horizontal Cladding

Abodo's Vulcan Cladding can be used in vertical or horizontal cladding projects – you just need to choose the appropriate profile, and we at Ecochoice can help you with that.

Preservative Free

Abodo is free from chemical preservatives and solvents.

Climate Credentials

Vulcan Cladding is a carbon-negative building material. Each square metre of 20mm thick Vulcan Cladding stores 9.74 kg of carbon.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified

Products are FSC certified, which guarantees that forest products come from responsibly managed sources – including forest management and chain of custody.

Declare Certified

Declare certified Red List Free by the Living Futures Institute, the leading label in transparency for building products.

Red List Free

Free from Red List chemicals as required by the Living Building Challenge.

Built To Last Warranty

Vulcan Cladding is covered by a 15 year Built to Last Warranty.

Factory Finishing

Protector Oil has been developed to protect timber for discolouration and provide optimal weathering performance and is available in a range of colours: Ebony, Walnut, Graphite, Manuka, Teak, Patina, and Straw.

If you are aiming for carbon negative certification on your next residential or commercial construction project then contact us ASAP

Abodo Vulcan products are the number one choice and meet all the environmental targets we set ourselves here at Ecochoice.

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