2021 sees a trend for timber garage doors

When it comes to choosing a garage door for your residential and commercial property, you have several options, and in 2021, timber is certainly among them. 

Wooden garage doors, whether overhead or sectional add a style and class to your home and come with several benefits. 

“Wood is universally beautiful to man. It is the most humanly intimate of all materials.” – Frank Lloyd Wright


With wooden doors, you have limitless customization options. You can choose various kinds of timber species, stains, or colours that add a curb appeal to your home.


Being a renewable resource timber is more eco-friendly than any other material for your doors. 

And in case, a specific portion of your door gets damaged, you have the option to replace that portion rather than changing the entire door.


The wood door’s timelessness charm is unmatched. From traditional to modern, rustic, and classic, you can choose any that meet your home or office exterior.

Strength: Wooden garage doors are considered the heaviest door so that makes them also one of the safest.

If you are unhappy with the integrity, security, and insulating capacity of your existing garage door – but feel that it doesn’t suit the style of your home, lacks character, or you just need a change, then cladding your garage door with timber is a great option and something we are being asked for more at the moment.

So, what is Garage Door Cladding?

Garage door cladding is a method of covering the existing garage door panels and frames with a different material. This is usually done on the exterior of the garage door to give it a new, fresh look. 

Wood is the most popular choice for garage door cladding. Cladding is increasingly becoming popular, and it’s not a thing for only garage doors but various types of doors, windows, glass, and walls.

Now let us take a look at some of the reasons you should consider cladding your garage door with wood.

Why you should consider garage door wood cladding

Many homeowners start looking into cladding because of their garage door’s design, as they are not happy with the overall look it gives to their home. This is because they usually buy homes that have a garage door already installed. They had no-decision in the selection of their preexisting door. 

Wooden garage door cladding gives you an excellent way to customize your garage door’s look without having to invest in a completely new door. Timber cladding is light enough so it simply makes sense to choose wooden cladding over buying a brand new door if the door is still functional and does not give you any problems. 

Safety and protection are part of why homeowners with wood garage doors decide to clad their doors. Why?

Wood garage doors, for instance, are exposed to sunshine, heavy rains, and all kinds of harsh weather conditions that deteriorate it over time. 

Some metal garage doors tend to rust after being exposed to the elements (which wooden cladding will prevent). To keep it in good condition, it is crucial to perform routine maintenance. 

What are some of the benefits of cladding your garage door?

Before garage door cladding was a thing, there were a few options available to you if you didn’t like the door’s design. That is to either paint it or buy a new garage door. 

Painting can be effective to some extent, but the garage door’s design would still be the same, just in a different colour. Buying a newer garage door with a design you like is an excellent choice. 

However, the cost involved makes a lot of homeowners shy away from this option. This makes cladding the way to go, without spending so much.

Wooden garage door cladding can be a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home while protecting your garage door from getting damaged and will prove to be low maintenance throughout its lifetime.

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