Why all doors should be made of wood

Doors today, whether external or internal, can be found in many shapes, sizes, colours, and of course, materials. Steel, aluminium, fibreglass, and uPVC are all major players in the field. 

The type of material you choose for your door will depend upon several things. Not the very least your budget, but consider the timeless wooden door and why it remains the undefeated all-round champion of doors.

“Wood is one of the greatest and most necessary things in the world which people need and cannot do without.” – Joachim Radkau

Wooden Doors: Interior or Outside?

Unlike uPVC, composite, and also aluminium doors, wooden doors are suitable as both interior and exterior doors. 

Wooden external doors offer strength, safety, and security – while wooden interior doors have a premium feel, a quickly repairable surface, and extraordinary durability, allowing them to cope with whatever a busy household or workplace can throw at them. They are also the best option in terms of insulation – one of the most important factors in colder climates such as the UK.

What are the Benefits of Wooden Doors?

Among the most significant advantages of a wooden front door is just how terrific it looks. Wooden doors come in a much broader series of designs than their uPVC, fibreglass, or steel counterparts. 

The workmanship is plainly noticeable, which contributes to the general allure, and we challenge you to find any other door material that feels (or smells!) just as good as timber.

Is there anything more versatile than wood?

Versatility means that a wooden door can be more easily customised (in dimension, wood-type, aesthetics and layout), and because no two items of wood are the same, you end up with a front door that is unique to you. 

The advantages of timber doors suggest that whether you choose light wood, dark wood, painted / treated surfaces, visible grain, and a simple or elaborate style – whatever you want or choose is feasible.

Are wooden doors good for security?

Wooden doors are incredibly strong. Technological advancements in the construction over their centuries of manufacture mean they also last a very long time without losing shape. 

They are one of the few door products that can be repaired, as wood is easy to work with and a very versatile material. This proves that a wooden door will certainly offer a high degree of safety for your home or workplace as well as reliability over its lengthy life.

As well as the above there is an essential factor where wood has an advantage over its competition – wood is an exceptional all-natural insulator, which ensures that warmth is kept in, and also noise is kept out much more so than with a lot of other types of door. 

Also, as long as the timber originates from a lasting source, it's eco-friendly. In the current environmental climate we all have a renewed focus on quality, performance, long life, and lifelong care, wooden doors tick a great deal of boxes when it comes to developing a house that is safe, reasonable, as well as stylish. 

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