Wood Costs Less Campaign

At EcoChoice, we are dedicated to doing our bit to help reduce CO2 and fight climate change. That’s why we are here to support the #WoodCO2tsLess campaign. 

The Forestry Commission is involved too and @ForestryComm have said, “Using wood from sustainably managed forests is a good way to reduce CO2 emissions. Head over to the newly launched #WoodCO2tsLess campaign to find out more about the use of wood and its role in reducing carbon emissions …” 

We have always been vocal in sharing the huge advantages that using wood brings. Now, the #WoodCO2tsLess is drawing attention to it too. 

Read on to find out more about the campaign, why you should be supporting it too as well as how. 

The Science

First, it is important to understand the science behind the campaign. Using sustainable wood helps reduce CO2 emissions because trees capture CO2 and store it as carbon. When trees are harvested and their timber used in construction or furniture, that carbon is stored for much longer than if left in the forest to rot – that’s why your wooden decking is a carbon sink. 

Therefore, by planting and growing more and more trees to be used as carbon sinks we are effectively storing their carbon in buildings, window frames, wardrobes, and bookshelves. The areas harvested will be replanted meaning that, “New growth will continue to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”

By using timber instead of other materials, i.e., to build housing, CO2 emissions are reduced in two ways. Firstly, through the carbon captured in the wood itself and secondly, through the avoidance of using alternative CO2-intensive materials. Using wood more often is one of the simplest ways to capture carbon and reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. 

Timber benefits

Timber is an incredible material to work with in both the design and construction industries. This is because it is not only a naturally-renewable material, which can be easily modified to suit different environments but it is also incredibly strong and durable. The #WoodCO2tsLess campaign is attempting to make wood the first choice material for everyone in the construction and design industries

You can lend your support to this campaign by using wood from sustainable sources and by signing the #WoodCO2tsLess petition. The petition will be put to the UK government to encourage them to have more properties made from wood. 

You can also support the campaign by making sure that sustainably sourced wood is your first-choice building (or design) material. 


Wood is a versatile material with exceptional aesthetic charm. Using wood as cladding, decking, fencing or for furniture not only is natural and looks good, it is also an investment in your future. 

Species like Oak can last for centuries when cared for properly, just look at any timber-framed property, like Suffolk’s Ufford Hall. Ufford Hall dates back to the thirteenth-century and still looks exceptional. It is now a Grade II Listed building, protecting it for posterity. 

Working with wood more often will see the creation of more stunning buildings like Ufford Hall across the UK. 

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