Exploring British habitats – the top ancient woodlands to visit right here in the UK

As the hot weather continues and we enjoy a summer of glorious weather, it is time to get outdoors! At EcoChoice, we love nothing more than a hike through gorgeous woodland on a sunny day – although as timber experts that probably does not come as a surprise! From the cool relief of the shade to the wildlife that thrives in these diverse habitats, there is a lot to love about woodland. If you are like us and are looking for some incredible woods to visit this year, here are the top ancient woodlands to add to your list.

Banagher Glen – County Derry

If you are looking for untouched woodlands, head to Banagher Glen in Ireland. This stretch of land is almost completely left to nature, and is full of river cut ravines which are home to a whole host of tree species. Steep and rugged, trees grow gnarled out of cliff edges and rivers rush through the ancient landscape. This may not be a forest for the fainthearted, but if you are looking for true beauty, here you will find it in abundance.

King’s Woods – Kent

King’s Woods used to be a treacherous place for lone travellers in centuries past. The small church set just before the start of the ancient land was a meeting place for pilgrims who had to pass through the woods on their way to Canterbury. They would wait at the church until there was a sufficient number of people to move forward together. Nowadays you are less likely to be robbed, and more likely to be blown away by the gorgeous wildlife that flourishes in this small haven in the South East of England.

Epping Forest – Essex

Once probably a royal hunting ground under the rule of Henry III, Epping Forest is now a sprawling land of pollarded trees open to the public. With a long and not always pleasant history – it was rife with highway robbery, and once said to be a spot where Dick Turpin would hide out and wait for unsuspecting travellers – it is well worth a visit. The pollarded trees are a sign that this was once a working wood, though now the trees are fully in retirement. If you head here for a wander, be sure to

keep your eyes peeled for the beautiful deer that call this land home!

Native UK deer

Coed Craig Ruperra – South Wales

Located in South Wales, Coed Craig Ruperra is currently being recovered. Full of broad-leaved trees, this woodland was on the verge of disaster when the Ruperra Conservation Trust took over, and now an army of volunteers have been working tirelessly to cut back the cherry laurels and rhododendrons that have been trying to strong-arm the space. Try to spot the old iron age hill fort on your trip!

Forest of Dean – Gloucestershire

Forest of Dean is England’s biggest oak forest. With a long history including being involved in the Spanish Armada and a mine since medieval times, we highly recommend reading up on this landscape before you visit. It is full of incredible relics hiding away amongst the awe-inspiring oaks which have grown strong and tall whilst the world changes constantly around them.

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