Beautiful timber walkways

With springtime fast approaching, it does not take long to begin getting excited about being able to get out of the house and appreciate the warmer weather.

You may also be anxious to get going on all those garden projects you dreamed up throughout the winter. This is also when your landscape design plans will begin to materialise, your checklists of demands edge closer to completion, and your budget will become secured.

If you have a large outdoor space, you could mix and match several options to split the garden into areas, or if you are dealing with a smaller landscape then walkways and paths can show off your garden in its best light.

Several of our favourite garden landscaping plans include bridges, walkways, and paths, so we have rounded up a range of ideas to get your creative juices going.

You don’t need to have a pond, river or any water at all to utilise a bridge or walkway into your plans, there are many other reasons to use them, or just throw one in for the aesthetic.

Protective Pathways

When you have fragile or precious lawn or a ground that retains a lot of water, simply walking over them can trigger long-lasting damage.

Raised walkways or bridges used in these areas, give both protection, and a focus to guide visitors to your home or garden in the direction you would like them to take.

Plain But Simple and Effective

Straightforward yet reliable, DIY designs very often provide all that you require. A strong framework and deck boards complete the appearance while permitting you the accessibility you require to the remainder of your garden.

Herman park walkway

The Art of Illusion

Creating the illusion of walking on water, this well-supported raised deck can truly transform a space. When accompanied by strategically placed outdoor lighting, you can appreciate your water features by day well into the night.

Tulip lined pathway

Mix It Up a Little

Don’t feel you need to restrict yourself to just one material in the development of your walkway.

Mixing organic textures, for example, rock, wood, and aggregate as seen here, gives a well rounded aesthetic to your outdoor space.

Wooden stepping stones

Stepping Sleepers

Stepping sleepers, a wooden alternative to stepping stones, are a remarkable way to add a delicate, as well as unique, touch to the landscape of your garden.

Stepping sleepers are also a great way to keep visitors on the path you would like them to take around your space, leading them to areas you’d like to showcase and away from areas that you would rather remain undisturbed.

Ultimately, the lay of the land will effectively determine the shape, size, and direction of your walkway.

We hope that these examples and advice will help you plan your walkway to enable you to enjoy your garden this spring and summer.

We have a wide range of products that can be used in the construction of your walkway, bridge, or path and we’d be happy to advise on the best options for your project.

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