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What exactly is eco-friendly construction?

As the demand for sustainable choices grows, eco-friendly construction continues to gain more attention in the industry. The term refers to building methods, materials and principles which reduce the negative effect construction has on the planet.

Top Ten reasons why you should choose wood

Wood is our oldest construction material, yet is one of the most versatile, still providing solutions where many modern counterparts can’t compete with. Wood is also a renewable resource that can contribute to sustainability in the construction industry.

The power of piling

Piling is an essential part of many construction projects. Timber piling is used to provide a structure with deep, solid support in cases where traditional foundations are not an option.

Why do we make roofs from timber?

Whilst the manufacturing methods and technology used to create roof trusses might have changed over the centuries, the basic principles behind using timber have not, and the reasons that make timber so great for making roofs with are the same reasons that make it so great to use for other products that also need to perform structurally. Timber has stood the test of time, and in this article, we explain why.

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