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Around the world, buildings contribute to around 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. However, net-zero construction is paving the way for more eco-conscious buildings, and timber is a crucial part of that. To celebrate the wonderful renewable resource of wood, we have taken a look at some of the most amazing timber buildings around the world.


Located in Brumunddal, Norway, Mjøstårnet is a 122,000-square-foot building in an area which is well-known for its flourishing timber industry. The buildings are largely made from Glulam beams, which are both known for their sustainability and strength. To overcome shifting, the architects added trusses and large columns, many of which remain exposed and have become a part of the building’s design itself. Brought to life largely to show other architects that large timber buildings are possible, it could be the blueprint for timber skyscrapers of the future.

Fogo Island Inn

Built to spend its life on the remote, desolate Fogo Island in Canada, Fogo Island Inn is made entirely of timber. A beautiful contemporary structure, part of which stands on impressive timber stilts, this public building accommodates guests in 29 separate rooms. Built of two separate-facing but joined blocks, it is a wonderful example of how you do not always need concrete and steel to create a contemporary building.

Timber House

In der Oberpfalz, Germany, you will find the aptly named Timber House. This gloriously wooden building is created of two separate barns which have been structurally joined in the middle. The exterior frame of the building is created entirely from vertical Larch planks which have been left untreated to weather over time. Eventually, they will turn a silver-grey. An aspect which we particularly love about Timber House is that from the outside it appears to be completely solid wood but on the inside, you will find windows where the light streams in through the small gaps in the planks.

Barn B at Mason Lane Farm

Barn B in Kentucky, USA, is an intricate web of timber, woven together to form a structure which is both delicate and striking in appearance. The entire barn is crafted from bamboo grown locally, which is one of the most eco-friendly ways to build (both as a result of the use of quick-growing bamboo and by cutting down on shipping emissions). The airy building protects against harsher elements, but allows plenty of airflow, making it ideal for drying hay and storing seasonal crops.

Knarvik Community Church

Another one from Norway! Rising dramatically out of Norway’s rugged landscape is the Knarvik Community Church, a gorgeous yet harsh building which is crafted from mottled Pine heartwood – the most durable part of the timber. Already weathering, the grey hue of the wood blends seamlessly into the grey, wild landscape, whilst the unconventional spire shoots up towards the sky in a grand statement, and all of it is achieved with timber.

Bring Timber Architecture to Life With EcoChoice

At EcoChoice, we are always ready for an architectural challenge. If you are creating a building of beauty and are sourcing timber to create the framework or cladding, we can help. Our team supplies sustainably sourced timber which is FSC or PEFC-certified, with a wide range of species, and delivery straight to your door. If you would like to learn more or start chatting about an order, get in touch with us today. 

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