Top Ten reasons why you should choose wood

Wood is our oldest construction material, yet is one of the most versatile, still providing solutions where many modern counterparts can’t compete with. Wood is also a renewable resource that can contribute to sustainability in the construction industry.

It may be difficult to think of wood as a sustainable material due to its association with deforestation. But using wood, rather than steel or concrete, reduces environmental impact, as well as costs in many construction projects.

Here are our top ten reasons why you should choose wood for your next construction project.

Wood is durable

Building with wood can reduce future repair and maintenance costs. Combined with good design, the use of wood as a construction material is a good choice in many climates, including those with high humidity, frequent sun or heavy rain.

Wood provides affordable construction solutions

When compared to traditional building methods, build times for timber construction are up to 30% faster than for any other material, reducing labour costs, time on site and any disruption caused to a local area.

Wood is renewable

Timber is one of the few natural, renewable building materials. If done in a sustainable way, the process of harvestand regeneration of forests ensures that timber will continue to be available. 

In Australian plantations for example, for each tree harvested up to ten trees are re-established in its place and the renewable cycle begins again.

Wood is non-toxic

Being a natural resource, timber is not toxic and is safe to handle and touch. It also ages naturally and does not break down into environmentally damaging material.

Wood has a low energy production rate

The process of manufacturing timber uses substantially less fossil fuel energy per unit volume than steel, concrete, or aluminium: minimising the number of pollutants created during the process. 

Wood is carbon positive

Wood is effectively a carbon sink, so it’s one of the only building materials that contribute to the long term reduction of carbon emissions: positively addressing climate change.

Wood performs well in the event of a fire

Timber is a combustible material yet it burns slowly, predictably, and measurably. This means timber performs strongly in fire events when compared to other materials. 

Fire creates a charcoal layer on the surface of the timber and this layer contributes to the fire resistance of the material. Allowing a  timber structure to survive a fire, while maintaining its strength and stability.

Wood is a natural insulation provider

Timber is a naturally insulating material which can create a barrier between heat and cold.

Wood is energy efficient

Construction design with a focus on energy efficiency contributes to maximising comfort and minimising non-renewable energy use. Timber can maximise the efficiency of insulation materials, therefore less energy is required to maintain warmth throughout a building.

Wood is good for our health and wellbeing

Studies have shown that being surrounded by wood in your home, at work or even at school has positive effects on our health. 

Exposure to wood products and interiors created by wooden materials are shown to have similar health benefits to those created by spending time in nature.

As experts in providing sustainable timber solutions to the construction trade, we are best placed in helping you bring the outside inside with your next project. 

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