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Oak beams and frames make most architects and home lovers swoon. There is something about their sturdy size and biophilic design which makes them utterly desirable in just about any building, old or new. To celebrate Oak in construction and inspire your own architectural projects, we have put together some of the most impressive structures to set your heart racing! Let’s jump into it.

Westminster Hall

Westminster Hall oak framed building

In Westminster Palace, London, you will find the incredibly old Westminster Hall still standing proudly and beautifully on the parliamentary grounds. Wander inside, and you will struggle not to turn your gaze skyward towards the magnificent hammer-beam ceiling, comprised of Oak trusses and beams and hailed as one of the most beautiful uses of timber in British architecture. This is no new ceiling, either! The intricate design, over 70 metres long and 20 metres wide (making it the largest mediaeval timber roof in the whole of Northern Europe), was commissioned in 1393 by Richard II.

Impressively large Oak beams are used as supports, fixed to the walls, to hold up great timber arches which sweep from the base of the windows up to the pointed timber roof. This is certainly one to be seen if you are a timber enthusiast!

Notre Dame

Classic Oak Beams

Notre Dame de Paris is one of the most famous buildings in the world, but did you know that much of its structure is made from Oak? At the moment, the rebuilding of the spire is gaining a lot of attention because gorgeous French Oaks grown in an old royal forest are being used. But the original construction began way back in 1160, and has since been rebuilt and restored a fair few times. Inside is a whole jungle of latticework, with Oak beams making up a large part of the structure. If you are interested in timber frames, it is well worth visiting.

Globe Theatre

Inside the Globe Theatre

The current Shakespeare’s Globe in London is a replica of the Globe Theatre, the original home of many of Shakespeare’s famous plays. The entire building is created from Oak in homage to traditional building techniques. Within the circular walls, you will find a gorgeous structure of Oak beams creating the incredible structure around the stage, as well as fencing, benches and the stage itself.

A side note: it also has the only thatched roof to have been permitted in the city since The Great Fire of London in 1666, which is something to see in itself!

Biophilic Design at EcoChoice

Incorporating Oak beams into your project is a wonderful way to embrace biophilic design, adding touches of the natural world to your building. If you have a timber-based construction in mind, our team can help. With plenty of suitable species for timber frames, including the much-desired Oak, we can supply the right beams and joinery for your building as well as help out with any timber-related construction questions you may have.

To learn more or start your order, get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to help.

Images:  photo.ecclesGimasFredP / Shutterstock.com

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