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From guiding traffic to improving security, bollards are an essential element of urban design. But shopping for them is not always easy, especially if it is your first time sourcing timber bollards for a project. So where do you start? We recommend first getting to grips with the differences between standard and bespoke bollards, which is why our EcoChoice team has put together this quick and easy guide. Let’s dive in!

Standard vs Bespoke Bollards

Standard bollards are pre-manufactured and are made for more than just one project. They are built using set measurements and features based on general customer needs rather than any individual requirements. Usually they are made in bulk (mass-produced) and manufactured before a customer orders them.

Bespoke bollards, on the other hand, are designed specifically for your project. They are made to your specifications and are (often) one-of-a-kind designs. For bespoke requirements, your timber bollards will be manufactured after you put in your order.

Design Differences

A crucial difference between standard and bespoke timber bollards is the design. Standard bollards come in predetermined designs and sizes, making them limited in terms of unique aesthetics or specific design needs.

Bespoke bollards give you more freedom and flexibility thanks to the options to customise shape, size, colour and the species of timber based on your requirements. For architects, this makes the bollards easier to integrate seamlessly into an overall aesthetic.

Function and Purpose

Standard bollards are well-suited for common applications where a basic level of security and traffic control is required, e.g a car park. When your needs are basic and unique design is not a priority, it is the easy choice for readily available bollards.

Bespoke bollards are ideal for projects with specific functional requirements or security considerations. Customisation allows for the integration of features such as lighting, reflective components or high-security elements, catering to the individual requirements of your specific project.

Timber Species

Standard bollards are typically manufactured in bulk using common timber species, such as Oak. While we only ever supply bollards made from sustainable, durable timber at EcoChoice, they might not be the best solution for your specific environmental conditions or aesthetic.

By choosing bespoke bollards, you are given the creative freedom to select from different finishes, such as 2 way weathered tops,4 way weathered tops, recessed grooves around the bollard with or without reflective strips.You can choose from a multitude of beautiful species such as Cumaru, Iroko, Massaranduba.

You might have a specific timber in mind which makes bespoke bollards the best option. If you do not, we will be happy to work with you to choose the right material from our wide range of timber species.

Delivery Times

It is really important to note that bespoke bollards are likely to take longer to ship than standard options. If you are working to short deadlines, the lead time of standard timber bollards is likely to suit your project better. Readily available and with straightforward installation, they are the convenient choice.

Find Standard and Bespoke Timber Bollards

At EcoChoice, we supply FSC or PEFC certified timber stakes and bollards to projects across the UK. Whether you are looking for bespoke designs or quick delivery on standard products, we will be more than happy to help you. Get in touch to order your timber bollards and learn more about our timber services.



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