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Your outdoor furniture goes through a lot. It is exposed to weather conditions and natural elements as well as the usual wear and tear, and sometimes it has been through too much for a lick of paint to bring it back to life. But you do not want to replace your furniture too soon, so how do you know when it has given up the ghost? Fortunately, outdoor furniture does give you some signs when enough is enough, and we have got the main indicators to look out for right here. 

Structural Damage

One of the main signs that your furniture has had enough is structural damage. Broken or cracked frames, loose joints and bent legs are all indications that it is time to get rid of your current pieces. This is particularly true when the furniture is not stable or safe to use any longer, such as if a chair has a loose leg or the wood has become cracked and splintered. When safety is a cause for concern, you should always start looking for new pieces. 

Wood Rot and Insect Infestation

Many timber species are resistant to rot and infestation, and those that are not can be treated to make them more durable. However, some furniture can still succumb to these issues over time (especially without proper maintenance and treatment). When rot or infestations set in, your furniture can become less safe as well as unsightly, showing you it is time to switch things up.

Rust or Corrosion

If you have metal furniture which is not properly treated or coated, it will inevitably rust. Excessive rusting can weaken the furniture and compromise its stability and appearance, making it a serious issue to look out for, particularly if corrosion becomes widespread. When this happens, you need to start looking for replacement outdoor furniture. 

Uncomfortable or Sagging Seats

For outdoor furniture such as chairs, benches and picnic tables, as soon as the seating starts to sag it is time to consider waving goodbye to your old pieces. Sagging seats are not comfortable, lack support, and in some cases, can even pose safety risks to the people using the furniture. Upgrade to new outdoor furniture with good seating and keep everybody happy.

Tips for Choosing New Outdoor Furniture

Whether looking for your own private garden or a public space, there is a lot to consider when choosing new outdoor furniture. Some of the main things to think about include:

  • The purpose of the furniture
  • Comfort and safety
  • Size and space considerations
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Weather resistance
  • Budget considerations

To make things simpler, we recommend opting for sustainable timber outdoor furniture. An eco-friendly option, easy to maintain and simple to repair, it is a long-lasting material which blends beautifully with surrounding natural environments. Timber is versatile, too, and can be designed to meet your preferences. From arched benches to rustic, rough-sawn timber tables, it is a material which adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

Source Timber Outdoor Furniture at EcoChoice

If you are on the hunt for timber outdoor furniture, we can help. Our team at EcoChoice are experts in timber, supplying a wide range of species to suit your project needs. To start an order or ask for our advice on your furniture choices, get in touch today and we will be more than happy to help.

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