Pre-assembled timber cladding panels – the future of facades is here

The last decade has seen a growing trend towards offsite construction materials being used on building sites across the country. 

Pre-assembled timber cladding panels are taking the industry by storm as they are part of this larger trend. They save on build time as you no longer need to spend precious hours onsite putting together individual pieces of cladding. 

They are high quality due to being manufactured in a controlled factory environment, which is subject to stringent controls and processes. 

Plus, they’re easy to transport and erect on-site due to their lightweight properties. They can also have an impressive insulation performance so are great for eco-conscious clients. 

@Dannieshrav says #ModularConstruction is one of the most popular developments in civil engineering, it allows a move towards “just in time” manufacturing and delivery.” 

Chinese developer Broad Sustainable Building used this method to erect a 57 storey skyscraper in just 19 days!

This trend towards offsite construction is particularly prevalent in the residential sector. A surge in housing demand means construction companies now need to call on prefabricated material manufacturers to help them meet demand. 

Take London, it’s estimated that 50,000 new homes are required a year to keep up with the growing population. We’re taking a look at why prefabricated timber cladding is paving the way when it comes to cladding requirements.

Pre assempled timber cladding panels

Faster Installation

Not having to fix each cladding board manually means less time onsite. Once a prefabricated panel is delivered to the site, it can be erected quickly and efficiently. 

In most cases, prefabricated panels are delivered ready for immediate installation. They are also lightweight, meaning less manpower is needed to get them installed.

Barnet building

Environmentally Friendly

When compared to more traditional structures, prefabricated timber cladding is more eco friendly as the materials are sustainable. 

Prefabricated cladding is also strong, light, and fully recyclable – there's even an excellent chance it could be repurposed at the end of its life. It also takes less energy to produce than other construction materials, helping you lower your business’ carbon footprint.

Timber cladding panels in use

It looks fantastic

Timber cladding looks aesthetically pleasing. It's natural, warm and reminds us of nature and the great outdoors. Pre-assembled cladding comes in a variety of species, finishes, and profiles options, so whatever style you’re hoping to achieve, it's likely there's a timber cladding option out there to suit. 

This includes the traditional Western Red Cedar shingles, Siberian Larch tongue-and-groove boards, and Pine or Douglas Fir feather-edge planks. It's also easy to rejuvenate or repair with a touch of paint or wood stain. What’s more, it can be painted if the natural weathered wood style isn’t suitable for a particular project. 

Pre-assembled timber cladding will play a role in the construction industry's future. It simplifies what used to be a complex task of putting together cladding, meaning reduced labour costs and whole sections of homes can go up in just a few days – dramatically cutting through traditional build times. 

The sustainability merits of timber as a building material also make it a preferred choice for clients who want to reduce their carbon footprint.  

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