Oak Pergolas

Nothing matches the chararcter and sophistication of our European OAK Pergolas.

Rather than a ready-made kit, our Oak Pergolas are custom made to suit your own individual project requirements.

You determine the specification needed and we'll deliver freshly sawn or planed Oak direct to your site.

Options include:

  • sawn or planed smooth finish
  • Section size of vertical upright beams (planed): 94x94, 144x144, 194x194mm
  • Section size of horizontal beams (planed) 70x94, 70x120, 70x144, 70x194mm
  • lengths according to your needs.

Any garden landscape design benefits from a classic and versatile structure such as an Oak Pergola, allowing you to both enjoy the fresh air while provising some degree of shade which can be further enhanced by planting climber plants such as Wisteria or Clematis. 

Of course we can also offer the same level of service with other timber species such as Pine, Spruce or tropical hardwoods.