Hardwood Oak Timber Frame

Among all the timber frame construction industry, Oak framed houses and buildings are still the most revered in the UK.

From real Tudor manor houses to fashionable post and beam glass fronted new builds featured on Grand Designs, oak frames have been the ultimate look for a long time.

The beams are usually supplied as green (fresh sawn) and expert builders will create clever joints to form the frame. Once locked in place, our hardwood Oak timber frames will slowly lose moisture. They'll develop cracks, splits and shakes and become increasingly hard.

For restoration work, it is important to work only with well seasoned (air-dried) Oak beams and frames, since the building can no longer handle the movement and twisting of the hardwood as it seasons.

Ecochoice are reputable timber frame suppliers and can deliver custom cut hardwood Oak timber frames for a range of builds. We can send the sawn beams to your framer, or the finished beams, as a kit, custom made in modern machinery according to your drawings directly to your site.

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