Is there such a thing as climate-proof forestry?

As a leading supplier and passionate purveyor of FSC® certified timbers, we make it our mission to champion timber as a sustainable option wherever possible across the various industries we serve, be it civil and marine engineering to landscaping. We provide renewable, durable, versatile, and all-natural products our clients can rely on. 

In addition, we also keep up to date with the latest developments in sustainable forestry to ensure everything is going in the right direction and the fight against climate change is supported.

Recent news revealed that Dutch construction specialist VolkerWessels had joined the cause. The company has recently signed an agreement with FSC® Netherlands to ensure that the world’s forests are being put first for the long term. VolkerWessels is subsequently adopting smarter practices to limit the effects of climate change, but is there such a thing as climate-proof forestry?

In this blog post, we aim to answer this question and reveal what you can do to wage your own war against global warming and the devastating impact it is having worldwide.

Big company, big commitment

VolkerWessels plans to invest up to 100,000 Euros into climate-proof forest management in the next two years. Along with a third partner, local landowners cooperation Unie van Bosgroepen, VolkerWessels will support the natural regeneration of forests and select materials accordingly to support the three FSC® certified forests that are currently located in the Netherlands.

Lars van der Meulen, VolkerWessels CSR director, explained more about their vision for the future in a recently published  FSC® blog post:

“The use of materials and CO2 emissions are inherent in building and have a considerable impact on the natural environment. At VolkerWessels, using sustainable materials, including wood from well-managed forests, is, therefore, one of our top priorities. 

By contributing to climate-smart forest management, we are involved in the sustainable production of wood in the Netherlands and the capture of CO2 and we actually contribute to a healthier, sustainable living environment.”

Tree planting is another vital part of VolkerWessels’ climate-proof forest initiative, where species that are more resistant to the effects of climate change and drought have been chosen. 

Winter Lime and Hazel are just some of the varieties set to replace species like Ash, Norway Spruce, and Larch, which are known for their shallow root systems and vulnerability in adverse weather conditions. You can find out more about the FSC® and their inspiring work here.

Climate-proof forests are possible

This latest development shows that working together towards climate-proofing forests is possible. These sustainable management techniques are required now more than ever, given the urgent need to counter the increasing decline of quality in our forests.

You don’t have to be a big name corporation to do your bit to protect our forests. Across both small and large-scale projects, the smallest changes can be made to support sustainability and make a huge difference. Supporting the use of renewable, reusable, and recyclable timber that has been responsibly harvested is the key to climate-proofing your project. 

Our FSC® certified sustainable timber can be used across various applications, including decking, cladding, fenders, beams, and sleepers. By buying FSC® certified products in any quantity, you are positively impacting forests, enhancing biodiversity, and unlocking further environmental and social benefits for our green spaces.

We deliver a range of sustainable wood products, including popular species like oak and Ekki timber, as well as cutting edge timber types, such as OrganoWood, Glulam, and Thermowood®

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