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At EcoChoice, we frequently talk about the fact that the timber we supply around the UK is FSC-certified. It might be a term you have heard before or a certification logo you have seen on paper, cardboard or wooden products, but what does it actually mean? To learn more, we have taken a look at the FSC standards, diving into why our timber is the ultimate EcoChoice.

An Overview of FSC Standards

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sets the standards for sustainable forest management and then the chain of custody so that the final timber products can be traced back to the original sustainable forest where the logs were harvested from. With a focus on responsible forest stewardship and protecting our natural land for future generations, they ensure that the woodland from which timber is derived is treated with respect. The main outline of their standards ensures that forestry is:

  • Kind to the environment
  • Beneficial to the social surroundings
  • Economically viable

With open, honest safeguards which are upheld throughout FSC-certified supply chains, they are the leading guidance for sustainable and responsible forestry. 

10 Key FSC Standards

To make things easier for forest managers, the FSC have outlined 10 key standards (or principles) by which you must abide in order to receive their certification. These standards are:

  1. To comply with all applicable laws and regulations

  2. To encourage the well-being of all workers (both socially and economically)

  3. To uphold the rights of locals and Indigenous peoples

  4. To benefit the local communities (both socially and economically)

  5. To create products/services which have long-term social and environmental benefits

  6. To take care of ecosystems and uphold environmental values based on respect – also to repair any unavoidable negative impacts on the environment

  7. To create a plan to manage the forest which includes environmental, economic and social objectives

  8. To show active progress towards these objectives

  9. To create an area of conservation

  10. To ensure every activity within the area aligns with FSC standards

Each of these principles is set out with the aim of creating a forestry system which does not deplete our natural woodland or harm the surrounding environment. As you can see, they also put a strong focus on helping rather than hindering local communities, ensuring that the use of the forest is a benefit to everyone.

More information can be found here: https://fsc.org/en/fsc-standards 

FSC Standards Held Through Investigations

To maintain their integrity, the FSC audits forest managers to ensure they are upholding the standards. If there is even a hint that a forest is not being protected, they will conduct a thorough review of the management, and FSC certification can be removed. They also constantly revise their standards to make sure they have an easy-to-understand, comprehensive guide with no wiggle room for destructive activities.

Choose FSC-Certified Timber

At EcoChoice, all our timber is sourced from FSC-certified forests. We believe that protecting our natural world is of crucial importance and that using timber in construction does not have to go against that belief, but can align with it. If you think the same, start browsing our wide range of timber products today and ensure you make the responsible choice.

Image: Mircea Moira / Shutterstock.com

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