What are the benefits of cladding a building?

Timber is an incredibly versatile material!  It has been used for thousands of years to make everything from boats to bookshelves, and it is also a staple in building design, creating the very foundations of homes around the world. In recent years, it has also become common for timber to be used as cladding for buildings, creating a visually appealing exterior with a contemporary look. But aside from aesthetics, what are the benefits of cladding a building, and is it something you should look into for yours?

Protect Your Building 

Adding cladding to the exterior of your building is a fantastic way to protect the materials beneath. You are adding a layer between your building and the elements, keeping steel safe from rust, for example. In terms of building durability, cladding can drastically increase it, helping your foundations stand the test of time.

Insulate Your Building

With electricity prices rising and sustainability on everyone’s minds, adding an extra layer of insulation to your building definitely is not a bad thing! Wood is an excellent insulator, containing many tiny air pockets in its cellular structure to keep your interiors warmer. It can also reduce sound pollution, keeping noises from the outside world outside. 

Minimal Maintenance

Naturally durable or treated timbers are very easy to look after, even when exposed to the elements. They are resistant to rot and fungal issues, and a simple wood protector applied every year or so will be more than enough to keep yours looking fresh. Check your timber for cracks yearly, too, and have them filled as soon as you see them appear to prevent future problems, such as water damage.

Create an Eco-Friendly Construction

Using wood as a building material earns your construction a lot of sustainability points. As a renewable material, it is already eco-friendly, whilst its carbon-absorbing properties make it effectively carbon neutral. However, you need to ensure your timber comes from sustainably managed forests to prevent contributing to deforestation.

Wooden Cladding is Durable

Popular cladding timbers, such as cedar, larch and oak are naturally durable building materials which can withstand the elements, faring well in wind, rain, snow and sun. At EcoChoice, we also offer thermomodified timber, which is an eco-friendly solution for treating species which are not naturally durable to the elements before they are applied to the building. Timber will be susceptible to weathering if left untreated, though this can be a benefit in itself, leaving you with a beautiful silver-grey finish that is ideal for contemporary constructions.

Source Sustainable Wood For Your Cladding

At EcoChoice, we offer a wide range of sustainable timber which is perfect for cladding. Whether you would like a gorgeous Red Cedar or a lesser-known alternative such as Red Grandis, we have what you are seeking. To learn more and find your perfect eco-friendly timber today, get in touch with our team and we will be more than happy to help!



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