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Both domestic and commercial projects can benefit from Glulam. A sustainable alternative to steel and concrete, this is an engineered timber solution which will live up to expectations and is a smart choice for a wide range of applications. At EcoChoice, we source and deliver FSC-certified European Glulam in a range of species, ensuring you have the premium timber you need to undertake your project.

What is Glulam?

Glulam is a technique used to reinforce already durable timber, creating a bigger, longer and stronger product for construction by using small pieces glued together. It was patented by a German engineer, Otto Hetzer, who in the early 1900s presented his concept for laminated timber. Essentially, Glulam is made from many planed layers of timber which are subjected to intense pressure whilst using very strong glues, creating a stable, whole piece of timber which is entirely different from its separate components.

RNLI’s Bembridge Station Project

EcoChoice was chosen to supply European Larch Glulam for the main structure of RNLI’s Bembridge Station, including all the arches, beams and pillars. As with all timber we source, the Glulam was made from trees grown in sustainably, responsibly managed forests and FSC certified. Each section we delivered was laminated, shaped and pre-drilled according to the architectural and engineering drawings delivered to us.

The project used a beautiful Siberian Larch (FSC certified) for the exterior cladding, which was treated with fire prevention salts for safety. Internal roof decks were also supplied by our team in PEFC certified Spruce, cut and planed to a double groove profile.

A Quote From RNLI

“This building is unique amongst the new generation of RNLI boat houses in that its frame and cladding are made completely of timber. All timber used complies with BAM Nuttall sustainability policy and ISO14001” BAM Nuttall – project main contractors.

“Bembridge lifeboat station is classified as a key station by the RNLI and is strategically situated on the Solent, home to one of the busiest shipping lanes in our waters.”

What Are the Benefits of Glulam?

The layers of timber used to make Glulam come from smaller trees or from manufacturing residue, making the effects of knots and defects far less noticeable whilst also improving yield and sustainability. The overlapping layers allow for stronger and longer structures which would be impossible in one solid piece of wood, making it suited to a wider variety of applications such as long arches, trusses, footbridges, etc.

Glulam comes with a high load-bearing weight whilst being relatively lightweight itself. This makes it easier to work with and lends it to use in open spaces, where support beams will become less essential. It is also less prone to warping, chemical damage and fire, all of which make it safer and more durable.

Aesthetic Appeal

A popular perk of using Glulam is its appearance. It is fairly light in colour, with a golden hue, and is full of unique contrasts because of the different timber slats of which it consists. For this reason, many designers enjoy leaving glulam exposed in interiors, blending it seamlessly into the aesthetic of the build.

What Are the Uses of Glulam?

Because Glulam comprises smaller pieces of timber, it does not need to be made in a straight, solid line. This makes it a popular timber for arches and curved structures, making it suitable for:

  • Beams

  • Floor joists

  • Pillars/columns

  • Lintels

  • Roofs

  • Bridges

Source Sustainable Glulam From EcoChoice

At EcoChoice, we can help you find sustainable, high-quality Glulam for your construction project. Whether you need 20 beams to make up a garden deck’s structure or you need custom arches for a large public construction such as a swimming pool, we will ensure you get exactly what you need. For more information or to order a shipment of FSC-certified Glulam, get in touch with our team.

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