Why EcoChoice mean business when it comes to marine & civil construction

Versatile, sustainable, and beautiful, wood is a fantastic construction material and can be a great addition to a wide range of marine and civil construction projects. 

As experts in the field, EcoChoice have the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver outstanding solutions and create unique and innovative designs. This makes us the perfect partner for your next project. 

Hastings Pier 

Destroyed by fire in 2010, Hastings Pier was in very poor condition when restoration works began in 2014. 

Due to our expertise in marine construction and sustainable timber, EcoChoice was nominated as the preferred supplier for the project. 

We supplied custom-made joists, as well as all of the decking, handrails, and steps for the pier. All and all, we delivered almost 11,000m2 of FSC? certified ekki planks that now cover all the main part of the structure.  

Thanks in part to the beautiful and durable timber we supplied – and the hard work of everyone involved in the project – the restoration of Hastings Pier was a huge success. In fact, the innovative design was so good it won the 2017 RIBA Stirling Prize, British architecture’s highest accolade. 

As @RIBA says,  “This is a project which was ignited by the community, shaped by the community and now enjoyed by the community.

North Dulwich Station Custom Wooden Staircases

While wood may not be the first material that springs to mind when you think of Britain’s railways, it has played a crucial role in much of the network’s infrastructure. 

In North Dulwich Station, timber was used to great effect in the construction of two staircases leading to and from the platforms. These new staircases were built to replace two Victorian staircases that had previously served the platforms. 

The replacement staircases had to match the original drawings, but meet current design, RAL colour and health and safety standards. These standards include durability, slip resistance and fire protection. 

To deliver these staircases on time, we carried out a lot of the construction work offsite. This meant that the staircases could be delivered and installed quickly and efficiently, minimising disruption to the station and its passengers. 

Timber Footbridge for London Olympic Mountain Bike Park

The construction of the footbridge for the London Olympic Mountain Bike Park is a great example of how a traditional material like timber can be used to create a cutting edge design. 

The bridge is part of the mountain bike circuit at the London Olympic Park. Measuring 2.97m in width, and with a span of 48 metres, the bridge is made of spruce glulam, clad in accoya with FSC ekki decking. 

Much of the construction of the bike bridge was completed offsite. This allowed us to ensure the bridge met our high standards and also meant we were able to deliver it quickly and install it efficiently. 

Find out more about the projects we have worked on, the timbers we offer and our commitment to sustainability by exploring our site or getting in touch with a member of our team.

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