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Can trees and woods reduce flooding?

Storms and floods have, in recent years, become a serious concern when it comes to the UK’s changing climate. We decided to have a look at some of the great ways that trees can help prevent flooding.

The timber types most suitable for flood defence

One of the best ways to protect land and property from the rising waters is timber flood defences. Effective and environmentally friendly, timber can be used to help hold back swollen rivers and raging torrents, protecting homes, businesses, and infrastructure in the process.

Using Wood for Sea Defence

Groynes are a popular form of sea defence in the UK and many of our beautiful beaches have wooden groynes built on them. They play a vital part in efforts to help protect our beaches from further coastal erosion and to help our beaches be as stable of possible. Although groynes can be made from several different materials, including stone and concrete, here we discuss why wood is a great option to choose.

Eco solutions for canals, rivers and marinas

Although timber is a popular meterial in the UK for making canal fenders, lock gates and sea defences, we believe there is still plenty more room for timber to be used on waterways, helping to protect banks and the surrounding land from flooding in an environmentally friendly way. We outline how in this article.

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