Why sustainable timber matters in the modern day

Sustainability matters – that’s a fact that we can’t run from these days as human actions continue to damage the planet. As individuals, the majority of us strive to make a difference in our everyday lives, with every reusable bag used and every piece of waste recycled all helping us to do our bit. 

For the organisations in charge of big building, civil, landscaping and marine projects, taking sustainability seriously is even more important given the large footprint of their industries.

Promoting the use of sustainable timber as well as making it accessible to the individuals and businesses that need it is one thing that we’re very passionate about at EcoChoice. 

Our FSC certified timbers have been providing essential lifelines for forests and green spaces around the world, but why does its use matter so much in the modern day?

Here we take a closer look at the benefits of using FSC certified timber products and how they are already making a difference throughout the building, civil, landscaping, and marine industries.

A vital but exhausted resource

The case of the disappearing rainforests has been in the public domain for several years. Whilst efforts are being made to protect this valuable resource, there’s still a long way to go.

Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth’s surface, and now cover just 6% according to Save the Amazon. By using sustainable timber on your upcoming project, you are choosing to invest in a timber source that’s not only renewable, reusable, and recyclable but also responsibly harvested to ensure its long term supply. 

It affects more than you think

Unsustainable timber production isn’t just destroying forests, it’s affecting wildlife and the wider environment too. Here, WWF explains the critical situation the world’s wildlife and the climate are being left in due to deforestation:

“Many animals also rely on forests. Eighty percent of the world's land-based species, such as elephants and rhinos, live in forests. Forests also play a critical role in mitigating climate change because they act as a carbon sink—soaking up carbon dioxide that would otherwise be free in the atmosphere and contribute to ongoing changes in climate patterns.”

Forests are integral to the preservation of all species, including our own, as well as the functioning of the planet in general. Every tree plays a crucial role in the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replaces this with a by-product most living things, including us, need to survive – oxygen.

Protecting forests now and for the future

Sustainable timber production aims to preserve forests in the present and also for the future. All the FSC certified timber products we supply are fully traceable to well managed forests where protecting ecosystems and the people living there comes before anything else.

Through the use of sustainable timber sourced from FSC certified forests you too can help fight climate change, protect forests, and prevent unsustainable practices such as illegal logging, forest degradation, and deforestation in one fell swoop. Not to mention benefit the local and indigineous communities that live and rely on these forests.

Help to safeguard the planet’s forests for this generation, the next generation and all generations to come by using only sustainable timbers on your upcoming projects. Our FSC® sustainable timber can be used as decking, cladding, fenders, beams, and sleepers to name but a few applications. In fact, it’s already being used throughout many industries, including on specialist landscaping, civil, and marine projects.

Contact our team today on 0345 638 1340 or email info@ecochoice.co.uk to discuss your upcoming project and why sustainable timber is the perfect material choice.



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