Sawn Hardwood Suppliers

Ecochoice delivers a very broad range of naturally durable hardwood species, most stocked as rough sawn so they can be re-sawn, cut or planed to your specific requirements.

Species include FSC certified Ekki, Opepe, Massaranduba, Pituca, Oak, and many others.

Hardwood trees are usually deciduous (sheds leaves every year) and broad-leaved. The main definition of a hardwood (angiosperm) is that of a tree where the seeds are covered by some sort of protection (a fruit or perhaps a shell). Softwoods (gymnosperms) have exposed seeds such as in pine cones.

Some of the Hardwood species we supply include:

Ash Angelim Ayous
Beech Birch Balau
Cherry Cumaru Ekki
Elm Greenheart Frake
Iroko Keruing Meranti
Merbau Massaranduba Oak
Opepe Okan Sapele
Sipo Utile Ipe


Fun fact: Hardwoods are not necessarily harder than softwoods. Balsa is a very light and weak hardwood, while Yew is a very dense and hard softwood. 

Softwoods are usually cone-bearing (coniferous) trees, evergreen and have leaves in the shape of needles. Main examples of softwoods are Cedar, Larch, Spruce, Douglas fir and Pine.

For questions on price and availability on any of our timbers, please call us on 03456381340.