Timber Footbridge for London Olympic Mountain Bike Park

We use the world's oldest building material - timber - in conjunction with cutting edge technology such as precision kilning, cutting, planing and drilling, as well as glue-lamination, finger-joining and wood modification to deliver components to stunning footbridges and walkways.

For Bam Nuttal, working for Olympic Delivery Authority, we delivered a three part bridge spanning 48 metres. Our German partners S&L used the latest in MMC, fabricating the bridge off-site allowing for high quality control and fast delivery.

The bridge has a 2.97m wide deck designed for the moutain bike circuit at the Olympic Park and is made of Spruce Glulam, clad in Accoya with FSC Ekki decking - it looks amazing!

FSC Ekki is one of the hardest and most durable timber species available.

For free information, advice and samples on suitable FSC certified species available for Bridges and Walkways, please contact us