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On the global stage of timber, Greenheart is definitely on the podium as one of the most durable hardwoods on the market. Tough and taking no nonsense, it is the perfect wood for long-lasting constructions. But Greenheart is also a tropical species, causing some of our clients to worry about the footprint for their projects. This is where recycled Greenheart comes in.

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An Introduction to Greenheart

Renowned for its durability and strength, Greenheart is a hardwood which is native to South America. Its extraordinary resistance to rot along with its incredibly high density make it a favourite for marine construction projects, including timber piers and fenders, as well as civil projects, with applications including river works and sea defences.

In terms of looks, it lives up to the name with a green, olive hue cut through with darker streaks.

Why Sustainable Greenheart is a Must

While Greenheart is undoubtedly a great choice for external uses, it is important to consider the sustainability of the timber. As it comes from South America, there are concerns about deforestation and illegal logging in the acquisition of Greenheart timber, something of which we are vigilant to steer clear at EcoChoice. With FSC-certified Greenheart from sustainable forests, our timber is always sourced responsibly.

But recycled Greenheart takes sustainability a step further. By upcycling existing wood, you can avoid any potential felling issues and ensure your project carries the ultimate green credentials.

Greenheart Recycling Process

Whether you are looking for sustainable Greenheart bridges or hard wearing Greenheart benches, recycled timber is always a great option. To learn more about what recycled Greenheart is, let’s take a look at the recycling process.

In its simplest form, recycled Greenheart is salvaged wood which is re-purposed for a new application. This usually begins by carefully removing the Greenheart timber and removing any fixings before sorting/grading it based on its quality and condition. Some techniques to bring worn-out timber back to life, including milling, and sanding may be used at this point to freshen up the recycled wood and ensure it meets EcoChoice standards.

Recovered Greenheart beams

Greenheart beams recovered from a decommissioned bridge in Wales

Environmental Benefits of Recycled Greenheart

There are plenty of environmental benefits when you choose recycled Greenheart timber. By repurposing the old wood, you reduce the demand for freshly felled timber, preserving woodlands and reducing the stress on our environment. You also help cut down on waste timber heading to landfills, contributing to a circular economy which is more beneficial for everyone involved.

Recycled Greenheart Applications

Recycled Greenheart can be used for just as many applications as standard Greenheart, making it a smart choice for a range of projects! It maintains the same inherent strength and durability, and is ideal for structural applications, including timber beams, and as a timber for marine construction and civil works.

Find Recycled Greenheart at EcoChoice

As champions of sustainable timber, we are proud to supply premium recycled Greenheart to projects around the UK. For both commercial and private builds, this is one of the most reliable species you can choose and comes with our expert stamp of approval.

To learn more about recycled Greenheart timber or start an order today, get in touch with our friendly team.

Greenheart bench

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