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Timber has been used in marine applications for thousands of years. From the boats of the Vikings to the groynes of the English coast, our relationship with marine timber has stood the test of time. So if you are looking for an eco material to construct lock gates, it is no surprise if timber is your first port of call, and our team at EcoChoice can help sustainably source the species you need.

What Are Lock Gates?

Lock gates are frequently used in canals, rivers and other narrow bodies of water to regulate water levels and raise or lower boats. Without lock gates, traveling the rivers of the UK would not be possible – or at least would be a lot harder!

Why Use Timber For Marine Lock Gates?

Timber is well-known for its suitability in water-based construction projects. When treated and maintained, certain species can last for decades either fully or partially submerged in water, making them the ideal choice for lock gates. Many architects and designers also appreciate the look of timber. Far more natural than other alternatives, such as steel, timber matches the strength of its counterparts whilst blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment. It has a gentler look that is not out of place on canals and rivers.

When working with EcoChoice, we will supply you with timber that is durable, strong and resistant to water-based rot for your construction project.

EcoChoice Lock Gate Timber

We can deliver complete sets of lock gates, made to measure from the timber of your choice. We will also ensure they are pre-drilled on request for quick and easy installation. If your gates are already built, we can also source and deliver components for refurbishments and upkeep for well-maintained timber – that includes balance beams, cladding, leaves, etc.

Timber Species Suitable For Lock Gates

We like to recommend a range of timber species when approached by clients, giving you a number of options from which to choose. But we are also careful only to put forward species which are perfectly suited for the job at hand.

When it comes to lock gates, it is vital that you choose a hardy timber species which is suitable for marine environments. We may recommend:

  • Ekki
  • Oak
  • Greenheart
  • Opepe
  • Basralocus

Each of these can fit different specifications for lock gates, ensuring that your build stays strong for years to come.

Sustainably Sourced Marine Timber

All our timber is sourced sustainably from responsibly managed forests. With certifications to prove ethical practices, we can guarantee that your marine timber is not contributing towards deforestation. Instead, for every tree that is felled, the forest land is left to naturally replenish and no one species is over-harvested, encouraging natural species diversity – also known as biodiversity, a key component in the survival and regeneration of natural habitats such as natural tropical forests.

Thus, local species are respected, habitats are protected, and the wild landscape of our planet is kept safer for the future. When you choose EcoChoice, you are choosing a better future.

Find Your Perfect Timber Species

Our timber experts help match our clients with the timber they need. Based on your project specifications, we will use our knowledge of timber properties to find the ideal species to suit your marine lock gates. We will also ensure delivery which is tailored to your schedule, helping your project to run smoothly.

If you would like to learn more about our timber sourcing or be matched with the correct timber for your construction project, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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