Pre Weathered Chestnut Cladding - London

Ecochoice delivers naturally pre-weathered French Chestnut cladding to your project.

There are no chemicals and the facade cladding boards arrive already silver grey. This is achieved by a natural process of UV light weathering which also brings out a certain consistency of shade to your project.

Our Pre Weathered Chestnut was chosen by London base TSA architects  as the client didn't want to wait the usual 2-3 years for the cladding in their development to weather to silver grey. The boards were also treated against smoke and fire to Euco class B before delivery and careful installation.  

The results were stunning:


European Chestnut is of course a naturally durable species, making it suitable for cladding and decking projects.

The pre-weathered Chestnut cladding offers specifiers such as architects and designers, as well as developers and self-builders the possibility of consistent silver grey timber cladding that arrives to site already naturally pre-weathered.