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Leftover timber provides a golden opportunity for some eco-friendly DIY. Rather than sending your offcuts and old boards to the landfill, get creative and put your salvaged wood to good use in your garden. To inspire your project, our EcoChoice experts have compiled their top ideas to put your leftover timber to good use while elevating your outdoor space. Let’s dive into it!

Raised Beds and Planters

If you have odd sizes and old wood from a previous project, do not let it rot away in your garage. Instead, turn it into a rustic raised bed or planter, creating spaces made for green-fingered planting. Whether you are kickstarting a vegetable garden or looking for a space to plant some colourful flowers, a timber raised bed or planter is always useful!

This is a super simple DIY project too which does not need more than some planks, a saw to cut the boards down to size and screws to attach your boards together. Easy peasy.

DIY Timber Garden Shelves

Lucky enough to have a load-bearing wall in your garden? Add some functionality to your space with reclaimed wood shelves. Whether you have a few thick planks which are left over or even some purpose-built shelves you do not need anymore, an outdoor space can always use a little extra storage. Create a neat display of potted plants, add ambience with outdoor lighting and wicker baskets, or keep your shelves entirely purposeful for your gardening tools.

Rolling Reclaimed Table

Secure your reclaimed timber boards together to create a tabletop, cutting your wood to size and using either super strong wood glue or screws for a secure finish. Then attach wheels to each corner of your table for a functional surface which rolls around your garden. Use it to display gardening tools and move them easily around your space, or create a handy coffee table which can be wheeled out and rolled away.

Timber Sleeper Steps

If you have leftover timber sleepers, you have hit the DIY jackpot! Sleepers are great for all sorts of garden projects, from retaining walls to DIY seating. At EcoChoice, we think you cannot beat a sturdy set of timber sleeper steps. Add levels to your garden and smooth out inclines with our guide to building steps from Oak sleepers.

Sawn Timber Landscape Edging

Sawn timber makes for landscaping edging. These boards are ideal for creating contained lawns and zoning, bringing contemporary organisation to modern gardens for a neat finish. To make yours, simply:

  • Mark the border and level the ground
  • Lay your timber boards along the length
  • Join timber boards with mending plates and deck screws
  • Join corners using corner braces

Find Reclaimed Timber at EcoChoice

If you are looking for extra timber for your eco-friendly project and you do not want to use new wood, we can help. At EcoChoice, we can supply reclaimed timber from salvaged projects, giving old wood a new lease of life. To learn more or begin your reclaimed timber order, get in touch with our team today.

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