What are the benefits of exterior timber cladding?

Exterior timber cladding has seen a massive resurgence in recent years. As a natural product, its flexibility and aesthetic appeal have made external timber cladding a winning choice for architects and homeowners. 

So, what are the benefits of exterior timber cladding and why have so many found such a new love for the product?

As a provider of sustainable exterior timbers to the construction trade, here at Ecochoice, we are delighted so many are realising the wonders of timber cladding. It’s a gorgeous material and with such amazing natural properties, you can’t beat it in our book. 

What’s the aesthetic appeal of exterior timber cladding?

The aesthetic appeal of timber is both warm and comforting. No two pieces of timber cladding will ever be the same. They have personality and tell a story of their own. They also offer history and natural beauty. 

It is important to mention that all our timber is sourced from forests which are FSC certified. This means that the timber is sourced from sustainable forests where ecology as well as local people are both respected and protected. 

We use a range of wood types for our exterior cladding. This means there is a really wide availability of styles, textures, as well as cost and profile options that encourage design innovation, so don’t be shy and ask us for innovative suggestions! 

Each timber species is attractive in different ways based on grain and colour. But, also due to how the product ages and adapts to its natural surroundings. 

We provide a wide choice of exterior cladding including the classic timber species Cedar, Larch, and Oak . However, we also supply modified material types such as Thermo wood and OrganoWood. These tend to be used in the main across modern architecture such as new builds and modern-look renovations. With oak cladding being more popular among rustic country buildings such as barn conversions. Then there are the tropical options such as Cumaru, Pitura and Iroko – each with their own distinct character.

The beauty of using timber cladding is that if it is cared for and respected, you can easily maintain, rejuvenate and redecorate so it can be enjoyed for decades. 

Environmental advantages of timber cladding

Secondly, let us talk about the environmental advantages. We have already mentioned that all of our timber is sustainably sourced from independently monitored forests. Which is super important with today’s depleting rainforests

As a renewable resource timber is the world’s most environmentally friendly building material. It is natural, reusable, recyclable, and sustainable.

Timber also has a low carbon footprint as it requires less energy to produce than any other construction material available on the market.

Growing trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Using wood from FSC(r) forests stimulates managed forests to absorb more of this global warming gas. 

So, specifying timber cladding for the exterior of a property has major environmental benefits over other materials.

Why is timber external cladding so practical?

Thirdly, there are several reasons why timber cladding is so practical for the building and architectural sectors. 

Above all, it is strong yet lightweight whilst also a durable building material that will withstand the test of time if cared for. It is typically lightweight, making it easy to handle in construction sites and therefore making the project more affordable and safer. 

Take a look at this Siberian larch project. The versatility makes it easier for architects to incorporate innovative designs, shapes, and ideas into their plans. Something which is not as easy with materials like brick and stone. 

With such a wide choice of softwoods, hardwoods, and modified woods, it is a material for all budgets. As well as savings on material costs you can also eliminate the need for heavy masonry outer walls which will reduce the size and the cost of digging property foundations. Plus, for ongoing savings for the owner, timber has exceptional thermal properties and is easy to repair and care for.

Versatility means that even lower durability timber species such as Pine, Spruce and Douglas Fir can be enhanced by preservative treatments, wood modification, and flame retardants for added protection and aesthetic appeal.

If you would like to find out more about our exterior timber cladding options, please get in touch. Call us on 0345 638 1340 – or drop us an email at sales@ecochoice.co.uk.

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