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A sloping site can be a pain. From not being able to BBQ safely in the garden to feeling a bit lopsided in public spaces, no matter where your site is, uneven ground is not ideal for a usable outdoor space! Fortunately, though, there are options to make your site more usable without extensive landscaping. One option is decking and it could be exactly for what you have been looking to create an outdoor space you love to use.

Benefits of Decking For a Sloping Site

Decking is a wonderful way to add a flat, even surface to an uneven site. Because you build on top of the ground, you can simply adjust the height of your deck in correspondence with the slope to create a level surface. Whether in a park, on a building site or even for your own back garden, it is a fantastic way to quickly create a more user-friendly space.

Decking is an aesthetically pleasing solution, providing you with a natural timber surface which blends seamlessly with the outdoor setting. Low-maintenance, durable and versatile, it is a smart solution for a sloping site.

Choosing the Right Timber For Your Decking

The timber you choose will play a large part in the aesthetics and durability of your decked area, so take your time finding the right species. At EcoChoice, we have a wide range of timber available, though for decking we usually recommend:

We will be happy to offer our advice on the best timber for your specific decking project, so if you are feeling unsure, then reach out to us today.

How to Prepare a Sloping Site For Decking

Preparing your outdoor area for decking is essential before construction – sloping or not! Clear the area of grass, foliage and excess soil in the area where you are planning to build. We recommend digging down at least 50mm across the entire space before digging out extra holes for your posts. 

How Is Decking Installed on a Sloping Site?

If you have never worked with decking before, it is wise to bring in an expert to install it for you for a smooth, high-quality finish. Adding decking to a sloping site is trickier than on flat ground, so the money you spend on a contractor will be well worth it!

To make sure the decking is even, your contractor will first assess and measure the slope. They will then work out how tall the posts have to be to create a level surface across the outdoor area before getting to work fitting the decking.

Adding Features to Your Decking

Decking on a sloped surface is going to be a lot more accessible and safe for use. That being said, there are still features you can add to improve the usability of your decking. These include steps and ramps which lead down to the rest of the outdoor space, as well as balustrades and anti-slip GripChoice strips

Source Your Decking With EcoChoice

If you are ready to start shopping for your new deck, we can help. At EcoChoice, we supply sustainable, FSC/PEFC-certified timber decking boards which can be profiled to your specifications. Get in touch with us to learn more or begin your order today.

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