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If you have ever sat down to chat landscaping with a garden enthusiast, you likely would have heard of timber sleepers. These incredibly versatile timber products are ideal for garden spaces, dividing different areas for zoning, working as sturdy steps and making the perfect walls for raised beds. But before you dive in and place an order for your own set of sleepers, it is crucial that you have selected the right species for your space, budget and function. Luckily for you, we have done the hard work so that you do not have to, and we have put together our top tips for choosing a timber species for your sleepers.

Hardwood or Softwood?

We do want to point out that not every hardwood or softwood fits the categorisation of “hardwoods being more durable”. But, on the whole, it is a rule to stick to. Hardwoods tend to be more resistant to rot and insect infestation and have a longer lifespan than untreated softwoods. We would advise that you do more research (or just call us) than simply choosing a hardwood as there are exceptions to the rule, but it is a good place to start.

Tropical Hardwoods

Tropical hardwoods are typically on the more expensive side, but because of the conditions in which they grow, they tend to be very dense and very durable, which lends themselves well to outdoor sleepers. They are very heavy, tough, durable and strong, but for a rustic outdoor purpose many people do not want or cannot pay the price tag – and that is okay!

Avoid Chemically Treated Timber

At EcoChoice, we are all about sustainability. That means that we try to help our clients steer clear of chemically treated timbers which are not as environmentally friendly as natural untreated timbers. Particularly when in direct contact with the ground as your garden sleepers are likely to be, the chemicals used to treat the timber can leach into the earth and pollute the soil. There are also slight risks that soil used to grow food can be polluted when chemically-treated sleepers are used nearby, making them an absolute no-no for vegetable patches.

Luckily there are treated timbers out there which are sustainable. If you want a treated species, we would suggest looking into either OrganoWood or ThermoWood, both of which would be well-suited to outdoor use as decking and planks.

Our Top Timber Choice: Oak

If you are looking for a reliable choice which comes with our seal of approval, you cannot go wrong with Oak. It is our best pick for your garden timber sleepers! Oak has the benefit of being super durable and resistant to the external threats of permanent outdoor use, including moisture and insect infestation, and has a really long lifespan. It is also more affordable than tropical hardwoods and can be sourced locally in the UK, making it much easier to get your hands on some high-quality sleepers. The standard size is usually 100x200mm with lengths varying from 1.8m, 2m and 2.4m – they also look great!

Find Oak Sleepers at EcoChoice

If you have been won over by Oak, find the perfect timber sleepers for your garden at EcoChoice. With high-quality timber from responsibly managed forests, we can deliver eco-friendly sleepers straight to your garden.

To learn more or start your order, chat with our timber experts today.

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