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A lot of modern construction is about smooth edges and curved lines. But with a rise in biophilic, nature-inspired design, we are seeing an increase in architects and homeowners who want something a little less perfect and a little more authentic in their work. Enter rough sawn timber. With plenty of rustic charm, it is the sustainable building material of choice for construction enthusiasts who want to embrace the beauty of imperfections.

But what is rough sawn timber and why could it be the ideal choice for your next project? Let’s take a look.

What is Rough Sawn Timber?

Rough sawn timber refers to leaving boards untreated and unfinished after the wood is cut from the tree. Using a circular saw, the timber boards are cut to size and then left as they are, with unfinished edges for a rough and rustic look. Any marks and imperfections acquired during the sawing process are retained, lending a distinct character and aesthetic appeal to your timber products.

What is the Opposite of Rough Sawn Timber?

The opposite of rough sawn timber is planed timber. Where rough sawn boards are textured and rough, planed timber is smooth across the surface and at the edges. This is a result of the planing process which happens after felling, in which the timber planks are passed through a wood planer to remove the imperfect outer layer and reveal the untouched, smooth wood beneath.

Planed timber is splinter-free, has a level surface, and does not need any sanding before application. For the picture-perfect modern aesthetic, this is your best bet. But for anything which wants a little more unedited charm, we recommend FSC-certified rough sawn timber.

Why Choose Rough Sawn Timber?

Aside from the traditional look of rough sawn timber, what other benefits does it have over planed boards?

It is good to note that rough sawn timber is remarkably versatile. The simple finish makes it a smart choice for construction components, including beams, fenders and stakes, where it is not essential to have a polished finish. But this is still a very beautiful wood and the natural aesthetic is ideal for outdoor settings. Decking, fencing and outdoor structures are all ideal applications for rough sawn timber for a look which blends seamlessly with the natural environment.

If you are on a budget, you will also be happy to know that rough sawn timber tends to come at a lower cost compared to planed timber. This makes it an appealing choice for projects where monetary constraints have to be taken into account.

Find Rough Sawn Timber at EcoChoice

If you are on the hunt for rough sawn timber, find what you need at EcoChoice. All our products are available in a wide range of timber species and are independently certified by responsible forestry organisations, including the FSC and PEFC. We offer delivery across the UK, for easy shipping of your rough sawn timber straight to your door.

To learn more about us or start a sustainable timber order, get in touch with us today.



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