What is Greenheart timber?

When it comes to timber species, we are well and truly spoilt for choice! From Cedar, Larch, Oak or Ekki, there are a ton of options when installing cladding, building a new deck or choosing timber for heavy civil construction. But with so many species, there are many that go unnoticed which deserve more attention. One such timber is Greenheart, which our team at EcoChoice wants to put in the limelight. 

What is Greenheart Timber?

Greenheart timber is actually one of the strongest hardwoods around, making it a popular choice for commercial uses. This species is part of the Lauraceae family and is native to South America, where it thrives in the hot climate. You might also hear Greenheart referred to as Chlorocardium Rodiaei, its Latin name, or as Cogwood, Sipiri or Bibiru. 

An Incredibly Durable Timber Species

Greenheart is a super durable timber, great for standing the test of time and weathering the elements. This is largely because it is so dense and heavy, making it perfect for bearing heavy loads and absorbing shocks. It is also resistant to insect attacks, making it an ideal for outdoor use. Graded to D70, when purchasing Greenheart you should expect strength and durability. 

Greenheart Timber Appearance

Greenheart timber is, unsurprisingly, slightly green in colour. A pale olive hue is cut through with darker flashes of colour, whilst the sapwood is tinted yellow-green. The varying tones on the surface of the timber make it a popular choice for aesthetic purposes.

Main Uses of Greenheart Timber

Because it is such a tough wood, Greenheart is commonly used in commercial and construction settings. It can be used to build boats and in marine construction, as for wooden bollards. Bridges, piling and posts are also frequently made from Greenheart timber. 

Is Greenheart Timber Difficult to Work With?

Greenheart definitely is not the easiest species of timber to work with, but by no means is it impossible! Often it does require professional equipment, such as commercial sawmills, though once cut to size it is fairly amenable. 

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