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Whether you are looking for a garden shed to store your tools or a workshop to create an at-home office, an outbuilding is always an asset in a garden. But adding one to your space is not always a simple task. Before even thinking about purchasing the timber to create yours, find out with this guide whether you need planning permission.

Does an Outbuilding Need Planning Permission?

There is no easy yes or no answer as to whether your outbuilding is going to need planning permission. Instead it depends on a whole variety of factors, including the size, location and local regulations in your area. Let us take a closer look at the specifics to work out whether you will need approval before you start building. 

Permitted Development Rights

In some cases, certain small-scale timber outbuildings can be constructed under "permitted development rights" without the need for planning permission. These rights allow you to build certain structures within specific limitations, such as height, size and distance from the main dwelling. However, these rights can vary based on your location and the type of property you own (e.g., listed buildings or conservation areas may have stricter regulations).

Location and Distance

The location of the timber outbuilding on your property will have to be confirmed before you apply for planning permission. This is because the exact location of it in your space could affect whether or not your plans are approved. The distance from your property boundaries and the main dwelling can all affect whether you need planning permission.

Intended Use

Of course the purpose of your timber outbuilding can make a big difference in whether you receive planning permission. If you are going to use it for commercial purposes or as a separate dwelling, for example, you are more likely to need approval. If it is just going to be a greenhouse or basic shed, you probably will not.

Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings

Listed buildings and conservation areas usually have stricter rules about what you can or cannot build. If your home stands in one of these areas, it is always best to check whether you need planning permission for your timber outbuilding. 

Building Regulations

Even if planning permission is not required, you may still need to comply with building regulations. Building regulations ensure that the construction is safe and meets certain standards for structural integrity, insulation and fire safety.

Contact Your Local Council For Advice

If you think you might need planning permission, such as if you intend to create a large timber outbuilding, it is on a listed property or you are building it for commercial use, your best bet is to contact your local council. They will be able to tell you more about guidance related to your specific property. Whatever you do, do not ignore planning regulations or you could end up with some pretty costly consequences.

Timber Outbuildings at EcoChoice

Whether providing timber for a DIY outbuilding project or supplying pre-fabricated frames which are ready to go for easy installation, or replacing timber cladding on an existing building with some of our beautiful cladding species such as Western Red Cedar, Larch, Oak, Douglas fir or our Thermally modified species, our team at EcoChoice can help. Get in touch to learn more about our timber products or start an order – just be sure to have planning permission first!

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