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From creating homes on unlevel ground to carrying out conservation projects in remote areas, working on raw soil is always tricky. Add lots of rain and heavy machinery to the equation and your site can quickly become a swamp! Luckily, there are lots of solutions which can make the work easier.

One option is the use of timber bog mats. These super handy, sustainable products make working in natural environments easier than ever.

What Are Bog Mats?

Bog mats are a form of ground protection placed over fragile areas of construction sites. They make it easier in particular for heavy machinery to get through without churning up the soil beneath, protecting the land and making it easier to get the work done. Bog mats can also be used in other industries, including temporary events such as music festivals where heavy equipment is transported to and from the site.

These temporary structures are frequently made from timber and are lightweight and stable, providing a simple solution for a common problem.

Why Are Bog Mats Used?

There are a few main reasons why bog mats are used in construction. The first is to make it easier for important machinery to access the site. Without bog mats, any uneven ground, pooling water or muddy bogs could make it tricky for vehicles to move around the area, leading to stuck machinery and damaged equipment.

Bog mats are also vital for preventing the land from becoming troublesome to begin with. By placing timber mats on the ground, it removes the chance of wet earth being churned up by vehicles, creating a better surface to work on.

This is also crucial for ground and soil conservation purposes. By protecting the ground beneath the mats, there are fewer negative consequences for the natural landscape and once the work is done, the team can leave without having created any long-lasting problems.

Why Is Timber the Best Choice for Bog Mats?

Bog mats tend to be made from timber (though less eco-conscious building teams may use plastic, but this is becoming less popular as sustainability gains prominence in construction). Timber is a naturally durable choice which has been used for centuries to create strong, hard-wearing bog mats which effectively protect the ground beneath them.

It is also a fairly lightweight material which is really easy to work with, making it useful when the mats need to be frequently moved or adjusted to suit different sites. Strong timber species can withstand large weight loads, so huge vehicles can drive around with ease.

Do not forget that timber is a renewable resource, too! It is biodegradable, carbon sequestering, and – when supplied by EcoChoice – a responsible choice for eco-friendly building works.

Tried, tested and given the stamp of approval, timber is the unbeaten choice for effective bog mats.

Find Timber Bog Mats at EcoChoice

At EcoChoice, we can supply responsibly sourced timber bog mats to construction sites around the UK. Whatever your project and whenever you need it, we have got you covered. Get in touch to learn more about our timber bog mats or to start your order.



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