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Decking can hide all manner of sins in an outdoor space. From an uneven surface to grass which just will not grow, it is a fantastic way to create your dream garden without having to overhaul your entire lawn. It is also somewhat easy to DIY, making it a great project for the summer!

Whether you are taking on the whole build yourself or bringing in contractors and want to make their job a little quicker, it is essential to start with preparing your site. Here is everything you need to know. 

Check Local Planning Permission

Before you start any construction, check in with your local council with regard to planning permission. In most private gardens, you should be fine to add timber decking, but if you are in a public space, a conservation area or a listed building, it is better to be safe than sorry. There can also be issues if your decking is going to intrude on your neighbours’ privacy, so bear that in mind before you start preparing your site. 

Plan and design

Decide on the size, shape and layout of your deck. Take into consideration the existing landscape, orientation and access points to your home. You may want to consult with a professional deck builder, architect or one of our timber experts at EcoChoice for a well-designed deck plan.

Mark Boundaries and Clear Your Site

Using stakes, posts and string, mark the outline of where you want your deck to go. It is smart to place the stakes at the corners of where your timber boards will be laid and join them together with string, giving you a good guide with which to start working. This is the area you will then need to start clearing, removing any grass, plants, debris and other obstacles.

If there are trees or posts in the way of your deck, do not panic! With some extra planning and skill, you can cut your deck boards to fit tightly around these areas, ensuring you can keep the garden features you love

Level the Ground

Depending on the surface, you might need to do some more work after clearing the ground. This includes excavating and levelling the area to create a stable site for your decking. At this point, consider using a compactor which will pack down your disturbed soil to prevent any future movement and settling once your deck is installed. 

Finishing Touches

Now it is time to get your site ready for your decking! To maintain the longevity of your site, lay down a weed barrier fabric which will prevent new growth under your timber. You can then go ahead and spread a layer of gravel over the fabric, which will further prevent weed growth but also help with drainage, ensuring a safe and suitable site. 

Timber Decking at EcoChoice

Now that your site is ready, it is time to start laying your decking! If you have not yet found the right boards for your outdoor space, our team at EcoChoice can help. With a wide range of sustainably sourced timber species, such as Ipe, Massaranduba, Cumaru, Opepe, Jatoba and many more in a variety of profiles, we will be happy to help you choose the right decking boards for your project, creating a deck you will love.

Get in touch and let us get your timber decking started!

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