FSC® certified hardwood timber decking and its many wonderful applications

If you are installing timber decking, there are two options for the type of timber you can choose: softwood or hardwood. Hardwood timber is usually the more durable choice. But before making your decision, it is important to know why so many people opt for this timber – you can then ensure that it is the right choice for your project. To help you out, our experts at EcoChoice have put together everything you need to know about hardwood timber decking.

What is Hardwood Timber?

Every type of hardwood timber is sourced from a hardwood tree. These trees are broad-leaved, deciduous, slow-growing trees, such as Ash and Oak, and are frequently found in humid woodland or tropical forests. Softwood trees are coniferous (evergreen), for example pines and spruces. 

The Benefits of Hardwood For Decking

Despite their names, in both groups there is a wide variation in the density of the wood, and not all softwoods are necessarily softer than hardwoods. However, it is generally the case that hardwood is stronger and more durable. This makes it a much more suitable option for decking, which needs to handle a lot of weight and traffic whilst being constantly exposed to the elements.

Hardwood timber is also considered more durable and dense than softwood. So it can handle a lot of wear and tear with ease, and is less likely to scratch, mark or dent. Many hardwoods have great resistance to rot and insect infestations, which is essential for external uses such as decking. If you lay a softwood with low rot resistance close to the floor, your decking isn’t going to last for very long!

It is also important to note that hardwoods are often easy to maintain. After being protected or stained, they won’t need much upkeep over the next couple of years. When they do need some TLC, they are very easy to sand down and reseal, making maintenance simple.

Last but not least, in general timber from hardwood trees is less likely to splinter. If you are going to be walking across your decking with bare feet, that is definitely something to take into consideration.

Which Timber Species Is Best For Decking?

Hardwood timber species all vary in their characteristics. For decking, you will be looking for the more durable, strong woods that are going to do well in outdoor weather. We recommend:

There are other options that work well, but these are the most popular choices. If none of these options work for your project, feel free to get in touch with our team and we can give you other options and recommendations,tailored to your project. 

Keep Learning About Hardwood Timber

At EcoChoice, we love to talk about timber. If you would like to learn more and uncover the world of sustainable FSC certified timber species, follow our blog for a lot more information!

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