Decking as a sustainable drainage system

Did you know that your decking can also be an area that can do good for the environment! 

EcoChoice are passionate about helping the planet, which is why we promote using FSC certified timbers in all construction areas, but we also feel that it is important to raise awareness about ways that we can all do our bit to protect the future of the world.

Staring at the wooden deck beneath your feet, it must be hard to imagine how it could possibly be used as a sustainable drainage system, but it is true. Your decking could be adapted (or built) to help protect from “flooding and help to prevent pollution”. 

As timber decking provides plenty of permeable gaps between the boards, it is perfect for use as outdoor sustainable drainage systems. Other porous substances can also be used in the same way. Anything that can allow water to pass through it and drain away can be adapted to this purpose.  

SUDS work by channelling rainwater away from sewers to stop them from overflowing. You’ve probably seen water butts harvesting and storing rainwater collected from neighbouring roofs. Your decking also provides a large area for rainwater collection and a filter can be built underneath your decking, which will easily collect water, and a flow outlet can be fitted to connect it to other existing sustainable drainage systems you might have operating in other areas of your property. A filtration system could also be fitted to filter the water and recycle it back into the house or to irrigate green areas

Due to climate change and the increasing occurrence of flash floods, the need to protect our environment at all costs is increasing tenfold. The way that we manage rainwater is a positive and significant step towards protecting the planet. The UK Government requires all new developments to collect, treat and reuse stormwater, where it falls

Considering this factor when having any work done to your existing home, no matter it’s age, should also be done to try to reduce the negative impact we all have on the world. 

Installing a sustainable drainage system underneath your decking can be a cost-effective as well as an ethical decision if you consider how it can be used on a holistic level. Not only providing irrigation to green areas and recycling the water back into your home, but also storing the water for times of drought. 

The designs for sustainable drainage systems can also be extremely attractive if appearance is a primary concern, in which case talking to a garden designer about how best to marry your desire to do your bit with your passion for your home is the best way to proceed. 

At no other point in history has it been so important that we make real steps to try to reverse climate change and avoid seeing, “Irreversible damage to the natural world and the collapse of our societies”. 

This is why, at EcoChoice, we are determined to do what we can to make the right choices and to help others to do the same. 

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