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Wondering how to install timber cladding? We can help. We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to share our timber know-how with our clients, so we’ve created a video for all of our visual learners. With useful animations of cladding installation alongside helpful written tips and links to additional resources, it’s a great way to kickstart your project.

Our New Cladding Installation Animation

Our quick video is full of crucial information for successful cladding installations. Designed for anyone working on a cladding project, be it a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast with a knack for timber work, it lays the foundations for a successful build.

The animation was created with insights from our team of timber experts and is a bitesize length of 2.25 minutes, giving you access to professional knowledge without delaying your project.

What You’ll Learn

In the animation, we cover the crucial steps for installing exterior cladding – be it Cedar, Larch, Thermowood or even Oak. You’ll learn how to fix your timber cladding boards for improved drainage, the essentials of structural support, and the correct measurements for your battens. We also offer guidance on how to choose the right option from our wide range of sustainable timber species and discuss the profiles on offer.

Gain knowledge of fixing your timber boards, too, with clear visuals on how to secure and space your boards, as well as other considerations such as pre-drilling to keep your timber safe from splitting, rot due to lack of ventilation and other external threats such as insects.

This is a whistle-stop tour into the must-have knowledge for cladding installation, providing a solid foundation to expand your knowledge or refresh your memory before a build.

Why Listen to Us?

At EcoChoice, we’re pioneers in the sustainable timber industry and have been delivering cladding boards to clients across the UK for decades. We know how to look after timber when it’s used externally as well as the best way to secure our products to your building.

Just as when using a household cleaning product you’d follow the manufacturer’s instructions, when fixing cladding it’s a good idea to hear the advice of the team who delivered your boards. That’s exactly why we put together this animation, giving all of our clients (and anyone else who needs to know) free, professional guidance to make cladding installation a breeze.

Learn More at EcoChoice

Our short cladding fixing instructions video is a starting point for your cladding project. If you have more questions about how to create flush, secure cladding that will last for decades to come, get in touch with our team. When it comes to your cladding, we’re always happy to help.

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