How to Choose the Perfect Decking Species

When it comes to wood options for decking, you’re spoilt for choice. At EcoChoice, we have over 20 different tree species just starting with A, giving you an idea of just how large of a range there is! But a lot of options leads to a problem: which to choose?

To make the task easier, we’ve put together our tips. These should make it a whole lot easier to narrow down your choices, finding the perfect material for your project.

What Qualities Are You Looking For?

Before looking at what’s available to you, you need a good idea of what you want from your decking choice. Once you have a better idea of your own needs, it will be a lot easier to match you with the right species. Consider:

  • Your budget

  • How durable your decking needs to be (is it near water?))

  • Whether you’re happy to do regular maintenance or not

  • Whether you’ll be installing the decking yourself

  • How important the aesthetics are

If you have any other requirements specific to your project, note them down.

Hardwood or Softwood Decking?

Your next step is to determine whether you want hardwood or softwood decking. All species fall into one of the two categories, and by narrowing down which is right for you, you can remove a lot of options. 

Hardwood decking is pricier but more durable, easier to maintain and will still look great after years of wear. Softwood decking is cheaper so often a better choice for residential options, easier to install and comes from fast-growing trees.

A Brief Look at Popular Decking Options

Some go-to decking options are frequently used, both commercially and residentially. We have a little run-through of their pros and cons:

  • Pine – the cheapest option, sustainable, but not very durable even after chemical pressure treatment Available in a range of sizes 

  • Cedar – resistant to rot and beautiful, pricey, yet quite soft – so easily marked

  • Oak – Rich in colour and texture, durable but not very stable and comes with a larger price tag than pine

  • Balau – Strong, resistant to rot (very durable), beautiful, but very dense, so hard to install. Usually available as 21x145mm

Read Through Our Species Guide

We have a broad, versatile range of species available for your decking at EcoChoice. Although common options can work, there are so many more trees out there that can be transformed into beautiful, unique sustainable decking that’s perfect for your space. If you have the time, browse through the information for each of our species and see which one suits your project the best.

Ask Us For A Quick Answer

We must admit that – even though for us timber enthusiasts it’s great fun – browsing through each of our species’ information is time-consuming – and depending on the season not all species are available for prompt delivery. If you don’t want to do that, don’t worry! We’re happy to do it for you. In fact, our team already has in-depth knowledge about each species’ availability, so we won’t even have to look. If you tell us what you’re looking for, we can match you up with your perfect decking species quickly and easily.

To get your match, email us today or give us a call on 0345 638 1340. We also have a handy online chat tool that’s great for sending quick messages.



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