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There is no doubt that timber cladding adds warmth to the aesthetics of your home, creating a rustic, cosy look which is ideal for heading back to after a long day. But did you know that cladding can boost the thermal performance of your building, as well? With the cost of living crisis making it hard to keep up with energy bills, any way that you can boost the natural warmth of your property is a great move.

With that in mind, we have put together top tips from our timber experts to boost the thermal performance of your cladding. Let’s dive in!

Choose a High-Quality Timber

Not all wood is created equal and thermal insulation starts with the right timber. Some timber species have better natural insulation properties than others, with Cedar, Redwood and Douglas Fir all great choices. Add an extra sustainable bonus by choosing FSC-certified timber from EcoChoice and know that your thermal insulation is coming from responsibly managed forests.

Add an Extra Layer of Insulation

For a significant improvement in thermal insulation, consider adding an insulation layer between the timber cladding and the wall of your home. Some options to look into include:

  • Rigid foam insulation
  • Mineral wool insulation
  • Breathable membranes

The right insulation for your project will depend on your building. It is best to speak to a professional if this is something you would like to look into.

Focus on Ventilation

Incorporating ventilation and air gaps between your timber cladding and exterior walls is essential. This helps prevent moisture buildup and improves thermal performance. Air gaps between the insulation and the cladding allow for natural convection, reducing heat transfer to keep all the warmth inside your home.

Seal Gaps and Joints

Proper sealing of gaps and joints is crucial to prevent drafts and heat loss. Use high-quality sealants and weather-resistant barriers to seal any openings or seams in the cladding. Pay special attention to areas around windows, doors and corners for bonus insulation!

Look into Double-Skin Cladding

Double-skin cladding (or twin-skin cladding) is a method designed to increase the thermal efficiency of your walls. Flexible, versatile and fairly cost-efficient (especially when you consider energy savings), it is a great solution for warming your building and reducing bills. It works by adding a liner sheet to a metal frame which is attached around your building and then using insulating materials before applying the cladding. It also provides good sound insulation, which is a bonus in our busy world!

Optimise Your Cladding Design

The design of your timber cladding can drastically affect its thermal performance. A tight-fitting cladding profile, for example, can help reduce drafts and better keep the heat inside your home. Thermal breaks in your build prevent heat transfer and removing any overhangs or sunshades can create a warmer building.

Find FSC-Certified Cladding Boards

Of course, you cannot feel the insulating effects of cladding if you do not have your timber boards! To get your project underway, find sustainably sourced timber cladding boards in a wide range of species at EcoChoice. For help choosing your timber boards or advice on installation, get in touch with our team and we will be happy to help.

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