Top timber for furniture manufacturers

Timber is extensively used in the manufacture of furniture. From high end, bespoke pieces to affordable mass-produced items, wood is one of the most useful materials we have for furnishing our homes. 

The type of wood used to make a table, chair, sofa, or other common piece of furniture will have a big impact on the look, feel, and durability of the finished product. Selecting the right timber will ensure the resulting furniture has the right qualities for the job. 

Hardwood Vs softwood

Timber is classified as either hardwood or softwood. These two types of timber have very different properties and will impart these properties to any furniture they’re used to construct. 

Hardwood trees are deciduous. They drop their leaves every winter and grow new leaves in the spring. In contrast, softwood trees are evergreen and so keep their leaves or needles throughout the year. 

As @gardenknowhow explains, “Almost all hardwoods are flowering trees and shrubs. The wood of these trees contains cells that conduct water, as well as tightly packed, thick fiber cells. Softwood trees only have water-conducting cells. They do not have the dense wood fiber cells.” 

Softwood is generally faster growing than hardwood. This means it’s often a more affordable option. However, while hardwood is more expensive, it's likely to last longer. Hardwood species generally have better fire resistance than softwood. When selecting wood for furniture, it’s essential to take these differences into account. 

Wood for furniture manufacture 

There are a number of species of wood that offer the strength, durability and affordability manufacturers need to produce furniture. 

Some of the best are American white and red oak, European oak, ash, sapele, meranti, iroko, cumaru, padouk. and opepe. 

All of these species are easy to work, strong, and durable as well as beautiful. This makes them suitable for use in furniture manufacture. 

Sourcing sustainable wood 

All timbers used in the manufacture of furniture should come from sustainable sources. This means it should be FSC approved and come from forests that are well cared for and responsibly managed. This is important as using timber from uncertified suppliers can negatively impact the environment. 

Timber that’s been taken from unsustainable forests, or even protected areas, can have a detrimental effect on both the local and global landscape and could damage ancient forests and woodlands for good. 

When it comes to choosing timbers, manufacturers focus on a number of factors; price and consistency in availability, gluing properties, stability to avoid warping amongst others. 

Sourcing FSC approved timber will also help to ensure the wood is high quality and suitable for the manufacture of furniture. If you’re not sure whether or not your timber comes from an FSC approved source, talk to your supplier before you buy. 

Learn more about sustainable timber, and source high quality wood for furniture manufacture, by taking a look around or getting in touch with a member of our team.


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