Why go bespoke with your oak flooring project

When it comes to “off the shelf” timber flooring, there are a lot of options these days. From varying colours to different sized planks, you do generally have a good amount of choice! But no matter how much variety there is, the flooring is not made for your home. This is where bespoke flooring comes in, and it is gaining popularity at very attractive turn around times. 

What is Bespoke Oak Flooring?

Bespoke Oak flooring that is designed just for you. Rather than taking the one size fits all approach of flooring from high street shops, our factory can make each plank to your exact specifications, making your flooring a perfect match to your own personal decor. Just like a bespoke outfit, your flooring will be crafted to suit your exact needs. 

If you are still not sure whether it is the right option for your home, let us take a look at some of the benefits of bespoke Oak flooring.

Choose the Right Oak For Your Home

If you buy off the shelf, you are limited to the Oak which is right in front of you. You cannot be specific about grain, grade, distress level, colour, finish, etc! On the high street, Oak is Oak. But at EcoChoice, we know that is not true. From where you source the Oak, and the quality of the trees can make a huge difference.

We, for example, only source our Oak from independently certified, responsibly managed forests. If you do not go bespoke, you might not get the reassurance that your timber is sustainable.

Specify Your Finishes and Profiles

Your home is unique, so your Oak should be too! When you choose bespoke wood, you can specify exactly what finishes, and profiles you want: smoked, fumed, stained, oiled, distressed, premium, vintage – so many options! These aren’t available off the shelf but are exactly what your floor needs to pop. From grooved herringbone to smooth finger mosaics,  whatever your desires are, you can make them happen.

Colours and Stains

Have you got a very specific colour in mind for your Oak flooring? Then we would recommend going bespoke. The chances of matching the exact shade to a plank of timber which is already for sale are pretty slim. But by being able to ask for the exact colour, you can find a match that makes you happy and goes perfectly in your home.

Don’t Waste Time Searching For Perfection

If you know the Oak flooring you want, why waste time trying to find a match? Shopping around for your dream timber can be an arduous and lengthy process! Instead, save yourself a lot of hard work and head straight for a bespoke Oak supplier who can create what you want as soon as you ask for it. 

Find Bespoke Oak at EcoChoice

At EcoChoice, we work with a wide range of suppliers to bring you the sustainable Oak you seek. If you know what your requirements are, we can help you fulfil them. Simply get in touch with our team today with details of your dream Oak floor and we will do the rest!

Image: Bonsales / Shutterstock.com

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