5 Sleeper Projects for Gardens of all Shapes & Sizes

At EcoChoice, it’s no secret that we love timber. It’s a durable, renewable and versatile material with a wide range of aesthetics. From the deep, reddy brown shade of Muiracatiara Tigerwood to the smooth, even texture of Yellow Balau, you can find a species to suit your exact style. If you are like us and know that you can’t go wrong with timber, you might be looking for ways you can incorporate more of it around your home. To inspire you, we’ve put together our top five timber sleeper projects for your garden. Let’s get DIY-ing!

Rustic Raised Beds For Your Plants

Using timber sleepers for raised beds is a fantastic way to incorporate some rustic charm into your garden. The durability of timber makes it the ideal material, and leaving it untreated will allow the wood to turn a gorgeous grey over time for a very natural look. They are an easy DIY project too: simply secure four oak sleepers together to construct a square or rectangle and place them in a perfect spot for your plants to flourish. 

Contemporary Decking For Summer Socialising

Adding a decked area to your garden creates a versatile, functional space. It’s a perfect spot to socialise, especially if you add a table and some chairs, and adds a contemporary look to any garden. Just be sure to choose a durable species of timber and, if you are not an expert, call in a professional to build yours to ensure it is structurally sound.

Charming Timber Sleeper Steps 

Creating a pathway through the grassy patches of your garden is a must. But if you want to keep that wild, natural look, paving slabs probably aren’t ideal. Instead, try laying timber sleepers down at regular intervals and letting the wildlife grow up around them. Heavy sleepers won’t need much work to lay either, and can bed into the soil on their own. Rustic and full of character, they are a great choice for a handy path. 

Wooden Retaining Walls to Define Levels

Adding different levels to a garden is a brilliant way to create interest. Timber sleepers make perfect retaining walls that will clearly divide your tiers and hold back the soil, keeping your space safe. To create your wall, dig a trench and fill it with cement, add your vertical timber posts and leave it all to dry. Then place your timber sleepers between the posts, using long and strong screws to secure. Simple!

Combine With a Pond For a Touch of Magic

One of the benefits of timber is that it’s natural and renewable. This means that it pairs perfectly with the other natural elements in your garden. We love the look of timber next to a pond, creating a small seating area to watch the fish swim and life flourish. You can even build a bridge across the pond using sleepers, adding to the magic in your garden.

Choose Sustainable Timber For Your Garden Projects

If you like the sound of these ideas, make them even better by choosing sustainable timber. At EcoChoice, we only stock timber that has been sourced from responsibly managed forests where the environment is always a top priority. If you’d like to learn more about our timber species or receive guidance for your own timber projects, feel free to get in touch with our team today and we’ll be more than happy to help. 

Image: haireena / Shutterstock.com



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